Please stop bots destroying the market

I found 3 characters named, adgj339, adgj669, and adgj779, permanently farming hemp on the West of Windsward, near Hermit’s shrine. By observing their movement I can be sure that they are bots. They just run from one spot to another, with no response to Area/Direct messages. They always loop on all spots and perfectly move the exact same pixel every single time. Auto farming bots can be seen all across the map, I also found one in Restless Shore farming Orichalcum in Fort Damnation. These bots basically out farm every normal player and the market is fully filled by their resources. The question is how are they not banned for so long that a lot of people have already reported. These bots just wipe out the effort of normal players with ease.

Server: AP SouthEast Ryugu-Jo

You have wasted 5 minutes of your time reporting this. There are hundreds of topics like this, thousands of reports, etc, and bots are still around. At this point, I’m unsure if one should even bother and just give up…

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