Please stop forcing Mutations

Please stop forcing us to spam dungeons!

As someone who has spent a very long time on M+ in WoW I was very pleased to try out this new MMO that’s focused more on PVP, open world and doesn’t blindly follow other MMOs.
To be fair I’ve already received the worth of my money by playing this game, really enjoyed my 750 hours.

But now I’m forced to go into dungeons to update my gear… and I really hate it. I don’t mind other players spamming/enjoying it, but please don’t force us.
Please give us some other option to farm Umbral Shards, will that be a drop in OPR, or a daily cap from crafting, or maybe a world boss will drop it, personally for me anything is better than spamming these dungeons.

I guess will stop playing for now, but I really hope that New World will improve and will check on it from time to time.

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Go read February PTR patch note 1.
You’re welcome.


Can you please link it?
I’ve checked February PTR Announcement but it says nothing about shards.

hey look up for “Umbral” in this link;

basically 100 shard if you win an OPR match 50 if you lose

I guess you get shards for OPR too. now you’re forced to play their game’s content even more!!! MWAHAHAHAHA

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oh well maybe queues for people that want to do it will finally not be hours long. besides. if it isnt pve dungeons or pvp opr what is it you want to do?

Thank you very much, it says:

Outpost Rush now rewards Umbral Shards on completion of a match. 100 shards for the winning team, and 50 shards to the losing team. Players must meet the minimum score threshold to be eligible for this reward.

I’m pleased with this, glad that this was added. Hope to see it on live soon :slight_smile:

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that was my point… everyone claims they are not wanting to be “Forced” to do anything yet the game’s content will always require x,y,z for anything to progress… that’s just how games work.

seriously. im sure there will be a cap per day but whatever.

its not like im doing that 100% of my time. i can get my rubies, i can go do expeditions, mutations, and triple the speed to get to 625 so i can make more shards to make more stuff 600+

i sure do hope at some point we get something to use this nice gear though.

i dunno i think it depends on peoples perspective. full pve players (Regardless of if the mutations are “new” content or too easy too hard whatever) got something they can do to progress their stuff and upgrade sub 590 legendaries.

a full time PVP player had nothing and was forced to ether do the mutations or still be forced to do other pve stuff for gypsums for casts to do the same thing.

and yeah yeah 590-625 is only a 10% difference but that dosnt discount that those legendary items at sub 590 will gain a perk if upgraded which is huge. and pvp players are always on about min maxing their stuff.

so in a way they are forced to participate in pve that they dont want to do IF they want to do the things they want to do.

now they dont need to and thats great (though this glosses over the fact that they needed to do pve to get those sub 590 gear anyway.)

yeah but all I’m getting at is the people claiming their being forced… when in reality, that’s how games work at their core… You’re required to get level 60 before even doing these dungeon/mutations XD on the same coin of people complaining about being forced, they forgot they had to get level 60 first… that isn’t forced? XD any content that requires you to do x,y,z before progressing is the same logic they use the term “Forced” for lol… I just find it funny is all.

You’re required to get level 60

You can level through questing, through crafting, through dungeons or just by spam kilingl mobs. I’ve seen a post claiming they’ve reached lvl 60 only via fishing.
When you have a choice, it doesn’t feel forced.
This wasn’t the case with umbral shards and judging by patch notes it seems that AGS realizes this.

The choice is always there, that’s my point. there is always a choice. but there are in fact basic requirements that require you to be a specific level, gear score, or otherwise listed. no complaints here XD just sayin.

Hopefully they balance out a minimum of 50 shards for doing a bronze run for a mutation, considering it’s harder than OPR is… imo… I think I got 40 shards for a m2 for getting bronze. I wouldn’t need but to get the gear I want 590+ and just upgrade it through OPR instead of the dungeon’s mutation and just OPR after I got said gear. I’m not sure how the values are for shards and mutations though so it’s a toss up… I could be wrong but still 40 is low af for any mutation vs losing OPR.

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