Please Stop Removing Good Content From The Game

Dear Developers, the game doesn’t have much content to offer and it is no surprise, but what shocked me is that you deliberately by design removed some quality content by yourselves.
There are 2 dungeons that make sense to do in normal mode until you unlock mutated levels, Lazarus and Genesis, Dynasty normal is a joke. After I unlocked mutated Lazarus there is zero reason to play normal dungeon and now I am stuck at M7 Lazarus with no way to progress any further just because mutation is moving once a week to ONE dungeon.

Do you really believe that ONE dungeon in whole Aeternum is enough for players in an MMO game? Because to most players now only mutated dungeon is a dungeon, and all other dungeons are boring useless content they will never go into. I don’t like Dynasty but it is the only dungeon on my server right now that is not totally boring and I really hate being told what I can and can’t do in a game and for the next 2 weeks I can’t do mutated Lazarus because it is not in the game.

If you think this is normal then please think again. And what happens after you add 5-6 more dungeons…??? Will I have to wait for months to get into few dungeons that I really enjoy instead of playing the only mutated one every week that you are forcing me to play? How long it will take for even the most dedicated players to give up on this game? Give the players option to choose WHEN to go WHERE and let us have FUN, please. Add more quality content, stop limiting us artificially, it is a GAME!

Please, make all available dungeons in the game mutated at all times and lower key cooldowns from 1 week to 1 day. Players must be able to obtain 2 mutated keys per day and then use them to have fun with friends. Waiting for hours in global and spamming that you want to join M7 Lazarus or hoping that someone will need your role at your required mutation level is a total waste of time and brings nothing but frustration, has no design value at all and just artificially slows the player progression by limiting our access to the content that we actually enjoy and want to play.

Thank you.


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