Please stop wars until lags are fixed

Because of lags it is impossible to def anything. You dont even understand where your your enemies are.
Please stop wars unti it is fixed!!!

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You could just stop wars till it is fixed. Seems you dont understand people loosing their cities because of lag.

That is why i came to forums, to ask wars are still even active.
They did not like the drops rates on mobs so they disabled farming them. Market issues, disabled wealth.

Yet people losing zones due to lag and they just leave it active. Even invasions should be disabled on some servers that keep rolling forward in time

I get wars keep people logging in, but they gonna cause more people to leave when they have to fight in theses conditions. Makes good clips and youtube videos tho

tbh if its a real issue and ags doesnt stop wars as you want, just reach out to your other companies and make a deal to not declare war

or just dont attend to war, let others overtake the towns, in the end they lose alot money cuz they gonna build up stations and lose them again due to time issues

it is not only pvp play

pve as well,
corruption portal runs / invasion = freezing

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