Plentiful Shells/Arrows needs to be removed from game

the bag perks plentiful shells/arrows needs to be removed or changed with this coming patch. it should have never given you iron ammo when using better ammo, and now you get free unlimited iron ammo-perk is less than worthless, as a crafter its GARBAGE to see it on rolls makes a 595+ bag worth less than the mats to make it this is ridiculous

Has anyone tested on PTR to see what type of arrows it gives you when hit?

Should be changed actually to level of ammo used by player or npc (less starmetal/ori cost problems) -along with upgrading chest drops of ammo to level of area.
I’m sure i haven’t been getting shot by flint bullets by those musket users in ebonscale and shattered mountains.

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Yeah this perk if scaling off of your level might actually be decent.

My assumption is though it will only net you Iron Arrows though (tier 2, 1.05x)

@flclisgreat it’s unlimited Flint Arrows in the new system. Not Iron.

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