Pls ags we need armor balance

Feb patch is amazing guys keep it up.

Now the next step should be about the balance the armor types on march .

For example: I don’t want to see heavy armor healers in this game. It’s unacceptable, they are immortal and its gamebreaking.(maybe when u equip a life staff u wont be able to use heavy armor.)

Also u should focus about the data like u did about rapier in feb patch. It was too defensive and now u fixed it. But if u look at the data u will see that for sure, at least %70 of the player base now playing medium armor. It’s also unacceptable u should balance it.

I believing u guys. The game will be awesome in next months.

On the most competitive servers, only tanks use heavy armor. I was on Orun from the beginning and every merge we saw each server had there own meta. Orun we use a lot of heavy, but a good mix of medium and light too. Then Orun had 2k people transfer in so most of us transfered our because 1k+ queues aren’t fun. Before we transfered out we got rekt by all the transfers (lots from Valhalla, Eden, etc…) The only people who run heavy in wars on Orun right now are point tanks.

Plenty of melee & mage squads can pound heavy healers. uncoordinated & weaker players can’t. But we’re not immortal in the slightest just to people who don’t bother gearing up with the intent to hunt down a healer.

So instead of trying to force people into playing weak squishy defenseless clerics, modify your own builds to beat ours.

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theyre hard to kill but their heals are weak

CC the healer and it dies your are just bad at the game

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I understand u guys. u are using that builds with skillness but there is no way to kill them with cc. The cc’s are not good in this game any kinda damage breaks cc, only root is kinda near to kill them but still if they have purify or something like that. They are unkillable.

They have to increase the healing reduction. It was great when they were %50 but ags decided to decrease it 24% and its useless now.

I disagree. I have been more than once chain stunned into the respawn. Most of the 3 man squads that come after me are made up of spears/SnS/VG/IG/WH. If we’re not careful and are caught we do die ontop of the amount of debufss that can be stacked on us its either we adapt or we die. Without damage breaking cc I’d be permanently stunned and that wouldn’t be fun in any way shape or form.

In heavy our heals are not impressive except for the strength of Lights Embrace. And even then Lights Embrace is only maximized through how many buffs you effectively have on and or how many your ally has + every single booster node in the healing tree. For example my Base LE without buffs in heavy is about 1984 - 2000.

They fixed nothing. The rapier nerfs were hamfisted and crude, and did nothing to address what they were ostensibly trying to address while further fucking the weapon when used as a primary.

guys ofc %70+ of players want to stay at the strongest side of the game. That’s why u dont want to change the game unlike u want. But this is what it is.

PVP players need skills and gamesense not powerful builds, ı played also medium class as a greataxe+warhammer and it was way powerful.

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