Pls bring it back

Pls bring the old stamina back. with no 1 sek. cd it is just bad.

kindly regards ME


why ?

Because this change doesn’t affect those who know how to manage their stamina

it just make the game slow.

and is a melee debuf

melees need buffs.

all i can say to you friend, is that if you did not see how much of a joke pvp was last patch because everyone could roll away for YEARS and how bad melee tracking was, you should not make any sort of comments about balance. The games pvp is slowly getting healthier.

they can do it still run away.

Your right , they can, I think they need to stop Nerfing the life staff now and start looking at the rapier, I don’t disagree with you.

I think Stamina is now Very Ok. Rest of its just a buffs and debuffs classes and delete healer from the game. Remember its work on every class

for me is New World dead with this update.

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