Pls choose better times for downtime

Team AGS,

i have 745 hours played, 2 level 60 characters. i played beta, i work 40 hours a week and i just created my account to write this.

Can we address the obnoxious times set for downtime? 6pm - 9pm? in AP, can we maybe have a rollout of these at less critical play times for each time zone? You have screwed the AP servers for 2 days with these chosen downtimes… its interrupting set wars and invasions, and not to mention the start of peak player time in Aus.

I get that emergency patches have to happen globally, save someone f*&%*#G the economy but surely, we can rollout patches and better times per each TimeZone? im sure there is a part of the world that is even worse than us, but srlsy think about it for one second.

Also what was this patch? some rich ompany didn’t get the 1Mil you promissed? I literally have to re-log everytime i enter a new zone for chest runs… please fix your game.


I agree, the bests moment of downtime are certainly not a friday or a wednesday…
it has to be on monday at 5 or 6 because a new week start or idk…


Agreed enough is enough at the moment due to work i am only able to play on friday / saturday night im from NZ i get home from work and sit down to play new world at 8pm on a friday night and bam the servers are down for 3 hours well RIP my friday night playing and RIP the casual gamer

I can’t even find the patch notes regarding the current downtime. I’m pissed. This has not been a good week for New World. I purposely got up early (2.a.m.) to go back into the game. Yesterday I had to walk away after hours of frustration and re-logging so many damned times. And guess what. I can’t go in the game atm, and I can’t find the reason why. Most annoying to say the least.
Thanks for letting me vent.

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Thank you.

So youre complaining about them issuing an emergency patch at an inconvenient time, whilst also alluding to not being able to enjoy playing said game because of the bugs theyre trying to fix. Listen to yourself dude lmao.

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I think you’re missing the point here… Most people can’t even play the game whether it’s playable or not. It’s down at the most inconvenient times for half the player base.

No mate, I’m all for emergency patches, patches, updates, and game improvements. I was just a tad frustrated that I could not find the posting for why the servers were down. I’ve read the patch notes, my level of frustration has subsided, and I’ll survive.

So you suggest they take it down for the other half of the player base? Im sure its much easier said than done to roll out updates by time zone or server region.

Yeah AGS, do downtime when it’s better for me because I have 2 level 60’s… /sigh

I’d like to say I agree but I would be playing from 11 pm-2 AM if it wasn’t for this downtime haha. But if it could be rolled out within proper time zones around midnight I’m sure most of the community would appreciate it.

we are mad coz these “patches” dont effect us… our servers havnt even had merges yet. they could have waited for a more appropriate time for ap specifically.

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If they didnt have downtime then they wouldnt be able to fix all the bugs in game,you cant have it both ways fix the bugs or downtime,I suppose you just cant please everyone.

It’s quite simple… You know, if it was done at 5am US and around 12pm noon europe, it would be the best of both worlds. Everyone who gets home from work can actually play. If your primetime is 12pm noon, you deserve to have downtime then.


id usually agree with you, but in these terms id say making every server go into maintenance at 6-9pm over something that doesnt effect us yet, just roll these patches out for the servers that have merged.

if we get downtime at 6pm on a friday arvo, id expext the bug to be completely game breaking for everyone/large portion of players and not just a few trialing merged servers.

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So… I rarely respond to posts on the forums, but this one I had to.

I understand this is inconvenient for you guys on the APAC servers, but you have less than 5% of the active playerbase, and your peak numbers are 50% of the off-peak we see in EUCentral and USEast/West regions. Unfortunately, your most popular hours are the best time, as it affects the least overall players.

If it wasn’t in your peak time, it would be in someone else’s peak time, and that someone else has a larger piece of the pie.

And as they say, you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

They found a problem (or two), they decided to fix it ASAP.
Would you rather bugs, or downtime to fix bugs?

the problem is they have to patch every server at the same time as steam does not support multiple versions at the same time and as EU has the biggest playerbase with US east as second they had to make prioritys and its better for 90% of the playerbase this way (as sad as it is but steam is the one to blame on this one)