Pls help! trade doesnt work

Trade doesnt work in AP DELOS SERVER. No one can trade away items.

You can open the trade window but u cant put any items in the trade window!!!

ppl in chat even talk about all their skins are gone.

@Luxendra @Shadow_Fox

All my skins are gone store skins, twitch/prime drops etc - Bug Reports / Bug Reports - New World Forums

They are working on a fix right now Big! <3

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where did u see the info that they working on it ? <3

They have identified the issue at the bottom of the post, and are working on the fix now. Every player currently has the restriction of being new, chat restrictions, trade restrictions, no skins ect ect.

Hello! Please relaunch your game, this should be fixed now!


HI Aenwyn this is the video . PLZ do something about this kind of players… this skill has 5 or 6 sec CD… this guy doesnt have CD… thanx