Pls read stop attack devs

Hey please stop attacks those devS they are like you and me doing there daily works
Have abit respect for them. I understan you guys are getting piss off and want to play we all want to play but that doesn’t mean they doing that. To make you feel so. In every work shit can happen
And those dev are mabey new it there’s first big mmo. If we look back in days many company hade same problem. Even wow in early years took them many year to make there patch in good time

We all daily’s learn and improv like you do in yours daily’s work images if ppl blame. You in yours works u did something by mistake it dosen mean world will go under if you can’t play today. Or play less 5h

Please ppl be human again we don’t live only to hate and trash talk ppl. Be nice to all
Go out take a long walk. Do anything. Don’t sit stress. Ppl let them do there’s jobs feed them with love :heart: so you get better game. And support. The hate won’t. Make it better you just stress. Them out. And more mistakes will come too
And I’m not big streamer or getting any money to tell you this message

i think New World devs are very good and
the devs just doing their job to feed their families, ppl really should not attacks devs
Thanks for great work amazon devs. We love you. Keep up on this great work I’m thanks full that we can play this great game.

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Firstly: I had a stroke trying to read that. Please fix your grammar mistakes because they are so numerous that it makes the text almost unreadable. I am not saying that your text cant contain any spelling errors but this is painfull to read.

Second: the ones who attack the devs are getting taken care of by the moderators. They shouldnt attack the devs but your badly written post wont change a thing.

Third: the developer team choose to install an update at 12AM CET time that took them more than 10 hours to actually implement and get the servers running again. They took away tens of thousands of peoples chance today to actually play the game. This could have been easily avoided if they started maintenance at somewhere between 2-8 o’clock in Europe and at the same time in every other part of the world. Yet they choose to leave EU in the crap and prioritize on the North American servers that have fewer players than EU.

Fourth: The changes they implemented, kick innocent people out of the game who were just fishing while trying to get rid of fishing bots. Banned or didnt let players join the game because apparently their anticheat detected something while there wasnt anything that should trigger it.

The people are mad for a reason and they have every right to do so.

They just literally wasted half a day of playtime for EU people, I get why people angry towards the devs because they’re not doing their job. Oh… and let’s talk about US servers being top priority.

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@Intimidate Nahh dude. You cant say they are not doing their jobs. Its just right now, they are pretty bad at it.

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