Pluto Ori farmer sells gold IRL, get him and his friend banned!

I’ve transferred to pluto about a month ago, and i’ve tried to mine Ori at scorched mines, it was fine before it started getting more and more populated and all of a sudden these 2 players came. I was fine with competition, killed them around 50x each in 3 days (no joke theyre terrible at pvp), and now they’re pve, again fine, part of the game. But i’ve come and gone to mine ori for over a month, and i’ve come at weird times to try to get some ori (4am, 7am, right after patch updates), these guys are here 24/7… no joke. My friends telling me yeah they sell gold irl, they’re gold farmers, so i tested that out. Asked one and he legit admitted it!! Funny part is he’s trying to get me banned lmao. Anyways reported them and trying to get @Luxendra and other AGS to do something about these gold farmers who are literally ruining farming for players. Like i don’t even bother wasting my time farming 100 ori in 3 hours cause of these guys, where I would normally get 1k an hour before. Not just me, my other friends and other players like to just pop on in and get some ori when we need/want and we can’t do that cause these 24/7 human gold selling farmers are here 24/7. It’s their job! literally. Please report these guys and get them banned. His friend is named Clariisa and they stick together and do this the whole time and take the $$ and sell it IRL (violating TOS)


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That’s just Zeus…he’s just obsessed with red rocks.

There’s hundreds of them, I’m not going to link the sites but if they wanted to they could, and should ban all these gold sellers.

Yea hard proof I answer this way always when someone asked this silly question …

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