PLZ help me if you have 3 major luck trophies or better if you have max luck on everything

**when i say max luck, i mean all pearls, 600gs luck gears include ((bags)) and jewleries. plus 3 major loot luck trophies. and FLAGGED

so here is the thing. i see many threads talking about max luck is broken and its 100% relatable to me and 3 friends of mine. its not a comsipiracy of negative luck on amulet or pearl is broken, i think theres something to do with either major luck trophies or theres a certain threshhold where your luck is considered too high to get good loot.

you can call it a unlucky strike or small sample but the 4 of us and according to many threads, things turn dramatically after you literally max luck. before i get at least one trophy mats outta 3-4 hours of stockpile routine. now i cant find a single one outta 50 hours of them. plus i almost stopped getting named items from dungeons let alone no legos after 40 dungeon runs and a week’s elite chests. now exact same thing happened to my 3 friends. and i got a chance to ask one guy on our server whos always selling them, he backed my theory and says he got rid of major luck trophies and use basic ones and see immediate improvements.

im not trying to spread tinfoil hats theories here, just plz leave a comment here if you can relate to this or you simply get the opposite situation. maybe we are just damn unlucky, just trying to figure it out, plz dont hate that much.
post here if you have truely max luck or 3 major loot luck trophies, brief your situation here tyvm. examples and counter-examples are both well appreciated.


I replaced my major loot luck trophy 2 days ago. My story is exactly the same everyone: drop rate decreased noticeable after upgrading. But there is no way we can prove this hypothesis since RNG logic is covered.


didnt get anything from a box for 2 months, took two pieces of gear off got stack deck in like 5 chests afterwards. Made trophie got nothing for a week, took another piece of gear off got petrified fire in 60 chesses.

Soooo yeah im conviced there a luck threshhold and it much lower (atleast for me) i literlay run with 3 luck pieces 2 luck bags 1 luck ring 2 minor and 1 basic trophie and pvp active seems to work best for me

usually when a lot of stories like this pop up, there is something wrong.

people dismiss players as a small sample size, but some of these players gather/farm very effeciently for many hours, and their samples are actually more than enough to trigger a review.

unfortunately it takes a lot for developers to bother reviewing these things.

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I hate the people that say, “to small of sample size”. Granted one person doing 50 chests could be rng. 100 people doing 50 chests getting same results is a different story. I know personally I can reasonably predict how the night will go depending on if I have my major lot luck trophies on our not. I’ve tested both ways and I’ve stopped using them. Granted others don’t share my views, that’s great. It would however be great if a @Developer would look at it and give us some kinda ideal either way.

Hint hint @Zin_Ramu leaving something with so many people thinking it’s broken without at least addressing it, is not a good look.

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I am not what you are looking for BUT.
I have 3 bags with luck+ flag and I just made 2 minor trophies yesterday.
Since the day I did my minor trophies I am having less than 50% of bosses drop anything at all.
I did siren+reekwater+imperial palace+ mines. And got 4 boss drops. (And I repeated brute+siren dog) !
I even relogged because I thought the bags themselves weren’t showing.
Never had such an unlucky run.


I had the opposite issue and had not received a legendary trophy mat since since I started, including 8weeks of chests runs, and even epics were sparse. The same day the east coast server goes down(and then back online) I start getting legendary trophy mat drops. In this past week I have gotten more legendary trophy mat drops than of any type for the last two months combined. My luck seems to be fixed now.

Started with 3 minor luck trophies, void with pearl, jewelry/bags luck perked, now have 1 minor, 1 basic, 1 major luck trophy

bump & follow

Around the time of the last major patch, I upgraded my luck set massively, trophies included. Since then, I’ve received a ton more greens and very few legendaries from my chest runs.

I assumed they had stealth nerfed the chests & their drop rates during that patch (hence armor stopped dropping for a while - their nerf didn’t work as intended), but I could be wrong.


I already gave up on a reply. It was asked plenty of times about this in the past but it was always ignored. I participated in some of them with tests of my own but never anything from AGS. Since Blog 3 from 19th of November they never replied to anything else discussed with useful information, whatever people tried to address to them. They just ride it out until it goes away by itself.

Even about the broken teleports just now. The never gave even a quick shoutout about it to say they work on it. They just let people fry for days and then slip some changes secretly in because they had to. But that people asked for days for just the basic infos was blatantly ignored just like with this problem here and everything else.

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ty for your info, but lego gears are harder to notice the pattern. trophy mats are between them and gathering, you will know things are not right when you used to get 20trophy mats outta 40 hours and zero when you maxluck in 60 hours.
say you farmed 20k ori ores and got zero tolvium or cinnabar, you know somethings off right?

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Just to further add to this. I did runs yesterday with around 30% luck. Flag, 2.6~ on every gear+3 bags + 2 minor trophies.
I still notice less bags. It’s not even the amount of purples/legendaries.
It’s that some bosses don’t even drop a potion( note: I run that as 5-10 people max. No zerg) .

I noticed one thing though, sometimes the bag only appears after a while, sometimes it takes 20s to show up.
I am now believing this is the problem, the bosses are dropping stuff but it’s getting delayed(?).
If so this sucks

We are waiting for the official reply from AGS…

It’s not a bug and it’s not broken guys!

It’s just how it is with life: With enough luck, we may learn that it’s not material things that are valuable but the experiences we make and the time we spend doing things we love.

It’s not that you have too much luck. It’s that you have so much luck that your character doesn’t need items anymore.


I’m usually the type of person that just chalks poor drop rates up to rng being rng. Though, ever since making my VB and really pushing luck, I’m not so sure myself. I’m not really the one to don the tin hat but I also wouldn’t question it so much either if I could trust this game’s coding.

My anecdotal evidence (I don’t have numbers or even “proof” just what I noticed): Before pearled VB and anything better than minor trophies, I’d get a trophy upgrade every few days, say 4 - 6 days apart (I’m a fan of running MD, the whole thing mostly). After voidbent, talking like 6 weeks with it now, I’ve only ever gotten 2 trophy parts in the hundreds of chests opened, and that is with 42.5% luck. To contrast this, I play this game with two family members, before they were in voidbent, they each were getting at least one, sometimes 2 trophy parts every run we went on, including shattered mountain. Now, with us all in pearled out voidbent, no one is getting trophy parts.

it really does feel like the more you get, the less you get. if that makes any sense

Update: after dropping luck gears, i got 3 trophy mats(one armorer’sjournal one chef book and one precision engineering tools) in 3 hours of farming stockpiles on the same route where i had zero drop in 70 hours full max luck. yes this could be a lucky strike and that one could be an unlucky strike in the history of gaming.

one thing i can say for sure is in this 3 hour, i get 9 new furnishing schematics which is far far more than the last 100 hours in full max luck conbined. maybe full max luck plus pvp luck makes you in a loot table they forget to fill or something.

and another surveyor’s tool in less than 4 hours total

Right now i really dont know what to think. i gave up to the tinfoil hat duders


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