PN and their truth about Jotunheim


On behalf of all the Perla Nera Guild: we are fed up with the constant direct attacks our guild is receiving. It’s more than a week that we get constant threats of mass reports, while being insulted and vilified by the opposing guilds just because people are unable to win against us. So, with this letter we are here to answer the UNJUSTIFIED allegations made by a large part of the JOTUNHEIM SERVER.

I remind everyone that at the beginning, when we lost the first few sieges, the atmosphere was very friendly, GG in chat and no drama. The same “HellHounds” complimented us on how we played both sieges, but obviously after the first defeats everything degenerated … and they started to fight us with posts, videos, insults, etc …

In the attachments you will find various video clips of how PERLA NERA guild, in the siege and open world, behaves in an ABSOLUTELY REGULAR manner (We streamed every single siege LIVE on TWITCH precisely because we have nothing to hide), unlike some of our accusers …

An example of the persecution we get comes from videos of “23DRAW” where he accuses us of immortality while doing a 1v1 against one of our healers… and we can clearly see that the healer is simply using healing spells and potions to keep himself up… this is not immortality but simple spell management and knowledge on how to play New World!

We also have videos in the attachments where some member of the purple faction uses a cancel animation MACRO to spam the light attack of the axe weapon with basically no delay, thus creating such a high damage as to break an entomb instantly … and then they have the courage to accuse us OF WHAT ??? This behaviour and this macro it’s also filmed in PvE action in Myrkgard yesterday by some of our members.

As their sieges started going wrong and they kept losing, followed by the general discontent of the purple faction much more populated than ours, they started to publicly defame us in chat, writing posts in this forum or posting completely FALSE videos … creating these FAKE accusations which have led a LOT of people to hate and insult us without even understanding the effort behind how well organized and successful we are in NewWorld. Perlanera war lag! - YouTube

Initially we did not care too much about those blaming us and we didn’t need to defend ourselves as we knew we weren’t doing anything wrong. We are simply playing in New World with the tools provided by the game itself such as Wizards ice glove combined with the Fire Staff (obviously also available for our opponents). Apparently this causes some lag and a sort of delay in the server that does not depend on us and that in any case it’s a disadvantage for both teams during a siege…this is something that we as Perla Nera never intended to abuse of and that we found out only after the issue was brought up to our attention recently…

We do not intend to abuse of any exploiting mechanic but we can’t even participate to sieges asking our mages to change weapon or not to use certain skills that have been grinded and upgraded in order to fit playstyle and preferences of the players to simply enjoy the game with the tools provided by the game. Is not like you’re going to ask your healers not to heal because otherwise the server gets laggy, do you?

Because of the lag we also saw motionless people who did not take damage but we simply accepted it was just lag that could not be controlled and we kept going forward to improve and become stronger instead of wasting time reporting enemies for lag or slandering other players resulting in being toxic and trying to sabotage other guilds.

But at this point, where the situation is getting out of hand, spreading on the forum and attracting the attention of the mods, we felt compelled to answer for the image of the guild itself and for all OUR PLAYERS … we are over 300 in the Perla Nera and we have the entire Covenant faction that can testify what we just wrote! As we cooperate with our entire faction!

We want to communicate to the Jotunheim community that it has now become impossible for us to write without risking getting a ban due to the false and useless mass reports used to mine and sabotage our guild. We also want to add the following statements:

-We have been accused of exploiting the siege’s war using ice gloves to generate lags when it is also used by the opposite teams.

-We are constantly accused of cheating from the same ones that use various macros to spam light attacks with skill cancellation (We went to look for evidence and proves before making an accusation)

  • We only report those who lack respect and use different kinds of insults resulting in high toxicity and we do not use mass report ‘for fun’ or to undermine other guilds. We do not need to get to this level as we prove our bravery, organization and skill directly on the battlefield and with facts.

We are very sorry to have found ourselves in such a situation, as we have reported countless bugs precisely because we believe in your project and we hope it can have longevity as most of our players have been following New World since Alpha 1 becoming veterans of the game.

Just having to make an official statement to defend ourselves from these accusations seems slightly absurd and ridiculous! Instead of simply accusing a rival guild of something that doesn’t exist, they should try to improve their gameplay in NEW WORLD to counter us in game by playing on the battlefield instead of on the forum or threatening other players with bans!

See you on Jotunheim and on the battlefield! Stop with these FALSE and USELESS accusations against an entire guild or faction because Perla Nera and the covenant play by the rules WITH NOTHING TO HIDE and all our Siege are always LIVE on TWITCH!

P.N. and the Staff


Being a healer I often find myself behind the point to heal, constantly taking damage from ice storms and constant freezes and slowdowns like any person playing a war lately, and a problem that all wars are having!
For a few days what scares me the most is having people with a hatchet on him that takes your life from 100 to 0 in a few seconds by attacking at a speed that is not normal for the hatchet


The Mayor of jotunheim is so right! The situation has become very frustrating. It is absurd not to be able to write in chat because you know that you will be suspended for 24 hours. The people as soon as they read the name of our guild mass reporte us.


We also point out that many of the Perla Nera were present in the alpha test phases, so in the guild you have a lot of knowledge of the mechanics of the game


During first 15 days in New World I have seen lot of strange things, bot, goldseller, animation hack, exploiting etc… I’m sure that Amazon is working to fix it soon.
For example using the bug of influence, many territories went to war using just 10-20 ppl. Players leveled up weapons killing boars and some hatcet superman spammed their wonderful light attack… In siege I fought in Jotunheim and I have seen lot of good PN players.
I think it is very sad to point out the opponents just because they are stronger and more competitive than you.


We are working hard! A lot of our members are playing from like 2 years. We were prepared. And we are proactive about everything in the game : wars, invasion pvp etc. We have a good staff behind our guild and a gm who knows everything from the game. It’s not possible having fear of being reported for nothing or have to find excuses about how we play whiteout using exploit or anything illegal. I hope that will be fixed.


In the time I’m writing this reply another PN player have been banned out of nothing. The fear of getting mass reported out of nowhere is real.
Please Devs do something about this…


not to mention the problem of the mass report that has plagued us for the day after closing both the global chat of the game and that of the faction, people banned 2 times in 3 days!


As a player who has waited two years for the game, as Beta Tester (also of other games), as Staffer of the Perla Nera and as an in-game wizard, I am very sorry about what is happening in the JOTUNHEIM world.

I have seen insults against us and I have seen Perla Nera players being banned for massive reports with the sole purpose of hindering the game.
I personally have received private messages with the sole purpose of having me alter and report on my response.

What we all forget is that it is a GAME!! A game with many ambitions!!
We saw 10,000-person queues, 24-hour queues in the first week and many bugs, fixed and many to be fixed.

Why accuse a Guild of a game bug while they themselves (the accusers) use these bugs and lose the fights?
Why accuse a curator of using hacks because he doesn’t die?

I wonder, can New World staff take action on those who use real exploits like the massive report?
Can we ban those who defame us?
Can we ban anyone who says we purposely use a skill to land a siege?

I am also on Twitch, I will have brought to live about 80% of the WAR made by the Perla Nera, me like many others. We have everything documented!

We Perla Nera are here and we will stay here! I personally receive 5 to 7 recruiting requests a day, not because we use exploits but because we study. Everyone asks me to join us because we are prepared, we have active people and we are organized!

Our Governor has created a real 360-degree winning team. Game experts from Alphas, expert crafters, who creates guides, and much more.
Keep in mind that our Guild has made the first complete guide to the Siege. How did we do it? Playing, wasting time and having fun. This translates into extensive knowledge for all of our players.

So guys, let’s try to keep, at least for once, the Italian community the best community. Let’s be honest and instead of insulting each other, organize even more battles together!


That’s a situation very frustating, only because the purple don’t know how to accept the lose


As a streamer being insulted all lives, just cose our competitors dont understand game mechanics is frustrating. But thanks to my amazing guild Perla Nera i find a great family, and i’m here to defend it. We keep constantly update on any news, tactics and feature of New World game. Same times we organize and testing any ideas to improve our gameplay in solo or as a team.

In Jotunheim find enemies with PVP activated is more difficult then find a legendary item, and we just recive insults during our farming spot from PVE flagged enemies.

I ask to Amazon to force PVP Flag at 60 level and stop to instantly ban people for mass report with out reading sentence. Sorry for long post, there’s a yellow potato.


Waiting for Purples responses.


It seems like the accusers have never played a videogame in their life and they’ve never encountered any lag issues or poor servers.

The problem, as far as I am concerned, started to manifest itself after the fateful EIGHT hour patch.

Instead of using vulgar methods such as mass reports and shaming on the forums, it would be much more productive if they tried to play honestly and, above all, without lying to themselves.
It is useless to point the finger at others if you are the first to use macros (and this does not depend on the server, bugs or anything else. A macro is something wanted) with the hatchet which is already a very strong weapon itself.

Excuses such as: “You had more time than the others to prepare” (things I have heard, unfortunately) do not hold up at all.
Since a certain guild began to claim that PN was using cheats/bugs and so on (without ever bringing objective and irrefutable evidence, therefore stopping at unsubstantiated words) many others have followed suit, in my opinion, so they could justify the shortcomings of their guild.

For once I wish I could be proud of the Italian community and not be labeled with the crowd.
For once in a while I would like a solid competitive reality and, above all, in step with the others. Doing so is only destroying each other.
Months and months to get organized on which server to choose, how many guilds to bring and whatnot and then a few weeks are enough to reduce us like this (and I’m leaving out the flaws discovered before launch)


@Luxendra we Need some kind of answer here pls


These are the real problems.


Interesting argoment , we can make a live interwie about your position for all italian community


This is surely a problem and has to be addressed (also the players using it should be banned asap of course).
But exploiting a weapon is also against the TOS and not really fair.
AGS needs to solve both


I’m from the forgotten faction on that server, kind of neutral in regards to the dispute. It’s certainly not okay to abuse mass reports and throw shade on the forum in order to gain any advantage over the opposing faction.

If Perla Nera is better prepared, let them win every single siege. In a pvp game, the players have to adapt and come with new strategy to beat the enemies. PN will have accumulated a lot of gold and resources thanks to their influence, but it’s on the enemies
“Enemies” to win the fights fairly, without scripts, mass reports or exploits.

As someone with sub-100 skinning, I’ve seen too many purples playing with pigs. Everybody knows your clothes get stains if you do that!

Now, ending notes:
Lower taxes
Tell me how to level up before being bored to death by the repetitive quest design


As a tank I would like to have my say, to be reported for “bug” of immortality, it’s pretty funny, when this “immortality” is due solely to our healers who treat like crazy … See allies banned for saying "hello "and having to be unbanned by the staff because the bot has been banned for multi-report, and 10 minutes later being banned for obvious uselessness, says a lot. It would be fair to ban all those who report without any kind of insult or violation of the rules.

It would be nice for the staff to protect honest community members, from these children who report people only to get banned for no reason.

This is pretty cringe, honestly. Take your pathetic squabbles between guilds out of the forums, you are embarassing yourselves. If you don’t wanna get banned (the both of you, both factions), just stop abusing these exploits.

As a matter of fact, the aoe exploit should have now been fixed, thanks to the stealth hotfix to aoe damage and healing.

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