PN and their truth about Jotunheim

This is not a whine section, please use this section ONLY for post about bug.
Then i remember you can report guild and single player by the support page.
Fant4, Please act like an adult.


The thing he’s point out is another,he’s sayng "yes ok there is skills wich make server lag,but for take a point especially last one you need get inside and push in it,not only storm make this happen,let’s say gravity well,heal aoe,storms etc,so what can actually do people? i’m not talking about who literally call on siege make em lag etc,but a normal clan what shuld do for take a point ?if you don’t push the site you’ll not take it,in the end is amazon fault,people from the other faction had rlly bad strategy and placement of sieges etc they literally lost in 5-8 mins all the siege,i don’t think is because of the lag,they just cry and tryng to mass report people even say only “hi” that’s so sad.
oh and last not least, ru clan selling with fake acc golds on third sites,making macro with hatchet animation cancel,that’s another shame

:rofl::rofl:Man i invite you to check My pg berenike4 in Wich guild is guilded Before give air to your lips.

I was in pn before release check also the date of the pics.

The interview are Made from the NW italia community where im the community manager, also immortals guild had so palese dont try to screditate My post :kissing_heart:

Plus if some mod can delete the post of that @Arsophien i will tnx because he take My real pic and My son pic and post here tnx mod

It’s really sad, to see how people start to accuse randomly after a lose… I wanted play in a server where we could play competitivly and honestly … But… The general chat is a perma flame against Perla Nera… Perla Nera opponents prefer to insult and accuse rather than improve their game… This situation is embarrassing.

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Guys, they trained for years just how to stay in 50 all in the same place and spam ice gauntlet abilities, here we have the guild leader explaining their best strategy to win siege; Oh he forgot to mention that they intentionally cause lag thanks to this unintended mechanical game; Just taking a look to your game rules: " 3. Play fair

Do: play within the rules of the game.

Do not: exploit bugs or other unintended uses of game features."

I bet AGS intentionally make ice gauntlet spell to be glitched and laggy af and so people abusing and exploiting it are doing nothing wrong. Am I right AGS?

KEKW, This is the strategy they trained for 2 years. - YouTube (He is the Guild Admin) Here is saying their strategy to win siege; Just be more than enemies on capture point, KEKW. I can tell this is the best war system i’ve seen in mmorpg from years, you just need to be more then enemies in the capture point while lagging obviusly, to win every siege.

Now take a look at the last war they did, Twitch
This is a famous streamer who is also complaining about the lag and the unplayability of the game, how to blame him? Now take a look at the video, see how there are 40+ PN members abusing this “exploit” or this “unintendend feature of the game exploited”; It’s also strange that when they finally got the capture point everyone stopped lagging to run as fast as they can to the gate, destroying it and started lagging againg. You can say maybe this is just a coincidence, i would reply definitely yes, it’s 100% a coincidende, kek.

Oh i also forgot to mention, 2 days ago i got banned 4 days for “Disruptive behavior” it’s also strange the night before i got a debate with Ian91 and some other PN guild members, i would say another coincidence, 100%. Obviusly i got unbanned 2 minutes after explaining the support that i was massreported by this guild. It was too easy, try again, maybe you’ll have more luck.



Sorry to disappoint, but you are community manager of NWI, not of the italian community.


Listen to this secret: to win you have to attack or defend a point so it’s normal to fight in one point. You do the same when you defend, the difference is that you are losing. This means that something in your strategies is not working. You should understand how the game works and improve your skills. .

Yes, definitely our strategy is not working, we’re gonna work hard to keep all the 50’s people on the capture point and spam icegauntlet abilities. Just joking, we’re not clowns like you are.

I did not know that from an exloit bug post it has come to a personal check and a stalker of people even privately, I do not understand what the accusation of server lag centers with personal opinions on a discord, you realize what you write sometimes?
Report a guild for bug abusing with the gauntlet, report a guild for being on the point of defending, explain to me how you should play a war by removing the wizards and staying out of the point of defense? do you understand that already from your statements you are giving yourself the answer of why you lose the war?
AGS can easily come and check all the accounts of the people present in the war, review the war and decide if we really abused a glitch or bug, but I also invite the same ags to evaluate the achievement of the hours spent and how they are spent by part of those people present in war so as to understand what is the difference between a mediocre player who complains in all ways about absurd things and competitive people who train and study how to improve.


I know the streamer very well and he is also a friend in the game, but do you understand that the lag he had, we did too? do you think that only he was there and we went freely around the map, then say that it works in defense, then that it works in attack … now both, since the server started we have lost 2 wars in attack, staying on the point inside the strong, so for a matter of minutes, from those 2 wars onwards we have not lost 1 war anymore as we have never lost an open pvp for the conquest of the territory.
Complaining does not help you grow and an advice that I have always given you, spending time here, on facebook, on the forums complaining about the lag that everyone has without distinction does not help you to improve.

“do you think that only he was there and we went freely around the map, then say that it works in defense, then that it works in attack” Oh seriusly? This was new to me, kekw.

Now behind this, can you explain how you all switched to icegauntlet? Go back in time to your first two war, you’ve lost miserably, how to hell you became that good in only 24 hours? The hell, maybe it’s only because of the exploit was discovered in those 24 hours? I also know losing against some new and random player can be frustrating, especially for a guild that trained this game for two years, maybe the abuse of this unintentional feature of the game as an exploit was the only method to win, who knows?

But you’re god damn right, we have to practice about our strategy, we have to put 50 players on the capture point with a red noise and an icegauntlet. Just copying your strategy.

Oh, this game is so skilled that you have to improve, KEKW.

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In this video, I see 3 mistakes that the defending team make:

1 - a man that try to hit moving people whit a musket, and when he finally hit them do a 1700 crit damage to the back. This suggests that this weapon is not good for siege where there are 40 people dressed in heavy armor with a minimum of 10k hp.

2 - in the control point the attacking team has lots of tanks, melee dps and healers, in fact, in that area, I see spamm many heal ability, in addition they also spam many war hammer skills to get the defending team out of the area. The few mage, of attacking team, are out of the control point who kill, with fire abilities, the 30 mage of the defending team, who spam the “Ice Storm” ability, which you say they use to lag and became immortal… Don’t you think it’s a contradiction? Instead I believe that their “immortality” is due to the healing they receive and the type of set up they have.

3 - in the control point I see many of the attacking team and few of the defending team… if the 30 mage of the defending team are out of the control point how do you expect them to be able to defend the control point? In fact, if you see their defense siege they also win because, when they are the defending team, they are all in the control point while the attacking team is out…and this you can see in the first part of this stream on twitch of which I put the link

In conclusion, the only advice I can give is to change strategy both in attack and defense against the “Perla Nera” guild and think less about discrediting and mass reporting them for “bug abusing”.

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You are not the community manager of the italian community. You created your community, and has nothing to do with the italians or the official new world staff. You also have a rule companies HAVE to use your discord. That’s total bs, plenty of italian players decided to take distance from your community. BTW there are many videos proving PN base their war strategy around the ice gauntlet bug. I just hope you all get perma ban from the game! I’m also happy they created new italian servers where I can transfer with all my guild members soon! :smiley:


Lol, those guys are still talking about a strategy made over an exploit.

You’re all right, you have a better strategy which consist on staying all on the capture point with the ice gauntlet, you call this a strategy? I call this a clown fiesta. These wars were designed for many years by AGS to be like this, absolutely yes.

The only difference between me (and others) and your clown guild is that we don’t need to make a strategy over an exploit to win on a game to finally get some satisfaction in your life.


Correct , im from Nw italia community.

yes i’m from New World Italia , AND NO we dont have any rule like what you are telling , we just ask the registration on our discord to have census of the italian guild on the ita/eng servers so please dont tell false rule we dont have.

Can you show me where you see they use the ice gauntlets? Their tanks have sword/shield and war hammer, dps melee have great axe and war hammer, healers have life staff and war hammer or great axe, and they are all in the control point, unlike yours 30 ice-gloved mages intent on spam the “ice tempest” inside the control point, with the aim of making them lagging (without realizing that they lagging too) while they are all outside the control point, taking blows from their wizards…

The photos are postes in social media, so you are not in possess anymore of them, they are public ^^

You have some kind of rule in nwi Who said you could bann a user to posted some photos in the Flame dedicate chat? Cause i didn’t read anything about it. your rosik, is Just so pathetic, you bann random ppl, because they disliked you, so pathetic