PN and their truth about Jotunheim

Oh so now are the purple making the whole war laggy, its strange how from the Pow3rTV vod when you got the last point with lag it stopped lagging in like 2 seconds to make you run as fast as you can to the gate and then started lagging again, you’re so pathetic.

In the last point, i see only heal ability spam in the control point, so are the heal ability the cause of Lag now? LOL…and repeat, when you see “Perla Nera” in Lag, also “Perla Nera” see you in Lag.
But I see that it is useless to continue writing when someone like you, insists on saying that it is the “Perla Nera” people cause that lag and does not understand that it is the game that lag when there are many people in one place and it is not caused only by the “Perla Nera” people but by all who stay at control point, whether they attacking or defending.

Anyway, I will not answer anymore, see you in game, if you play and don’t waste your time in the forums and other socials to discredit other people just because you do not know how to lose by accepting to be defeated and trying to improve yourself.

“Anyway, I will not answer anymore, see you in game, if you play and don’t waste your time in the forums and other socials to discredit other people just because you do not know how to lose by accepting to be defeated and trying to improve yourself.” you’re doing the same, don’t be hypocritical;

I repeat, it’s strange that when you are capturing the last point you’re all lagging and then stop lagging two seconds after the point was captured to run asap to the gate and start lagging again. I agree, it’s a problem of the game but you made a strategy out of this to exploit as much as you can this problem, and this is against the rules :slight_smile: Have fun in game, seeya.

Having known Perla and Fant4 in previous games for a number of years, I can safely tell you that only Dankan is a hacker/exploiter, who I don’t even think is playing this one.

See you’re just here to talk bullshit?
I have never passed ice glove, I am a healer and I have always been a healer in ice glove for me it is really useless, and the first 2 wars we did not lose as miserably as you say (in attack) because we were in your fort and with a few more minutes we would also have won, ah, we too had some lag.
So dear very happy, if you are here to insinuate bogus things because it makes you happy to be the center of attention is not needed, you are accusing and saying bullshit everywhere here, at stake, on discord, it is not necessary we have a clear conscience we know our means and that we are currently stronger than you, if you want to be the center of attention try to improve yourself instead of spending time on social media inventing yourself and accusing people of lag!
Also because it starts to get boring.

It’s useless to continue replying the same things to the same dummy’s, your guild admin also said you adopted a strategy over an exploit, this is playing fair? I don’t think, and in the first two war there was 0 lag, you can easily see it from your streamer vod. Have fun and continue using a strategy over an exploit, it make you the best guild in this game, kekw

English level here is over the top but anyway…
Everybody know that Jotunheim is a joke server, toxicity is rising to, or maybe is already at, the moon due to the presence of certain guild leaders, community managers and frustrated players.
The nice part of all this discussion is in the manner you guys try to blame others for your sad and unfair conduct.
There are no fake videos, every big guild knows the problems with the netcode and how to abuse it with massive aoe spells or lag switches.
You are the guys that play through the alpha without reporting shit because you were ready, once release, to use those “features” at your own advantage.
Writing that:
“…we can’t even participate to sieges asking our mages to change weapon or not to use certain skills…”
you are already recognizing that YOU KNOW the problem and due to the fact that you decide whom can participe in a war you are confirming that the “mechanic” is used on purpuse.
That’s literally the definition of a BUG ABUSE and that’s not permitted (or should be not at least).
Don’t freak out if other factions’ players start to use the same treatment that you, again, exploited to empty their roasters.
AmazonGames should take the necessary steps to remove those situation from the game, in the short terms with multiple bans, in the mid terms limiting the use of certain skills and in the long run emproving the game’s netcode.
Luckily (that’s not luck tbh, it’s a Amazon choice) Jotunheim isn’t the only server rappresenting the italian player base and there are other communities working to bring togheter fair italian players.