[Polish] Rivercress


The translation “Rzeżucha rzeczna” (Rivercress) in Polish is inconsistent with the ingredients you can get from it. The ingredients suggest that the plant is called
“Pieprzyca rzeczna”.

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Both translations for Rivercress - Rzeżucha and Pieprzyca are inaccurate.

Pieprzyca is a type of Pepperwort (Lepidium) that grows in sandy soil.
Rzeżucha is a common name for seedlings of Garden cress, which is mostly associated with a vegetable eaten during the Easter holidays in Poland.

The correct translation for Rivercress is ‘Rukiew wodna’ - aquatic flowering plant.

The description of the ingredient is also incorrect.

  • Łodyga […] - is feminine.
  • Jego właściwości […] - is masculine.

In this particular case Resource should be ‘Surowiec’ (singular) - material intended for further processing - because the phrase Zasoby (plural) is too broad.

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