Polished Marble storage chest issue

New update changed storage chests but the Tier 4 polished marble storage chest formerly 525 weight is now only 650? the other (drop only) Tier 4 storage chest Cursed chest is the proper doubled number of 1050 up from 525.


Please fix this asap…

The polished marble chest should give 1050 storage per chest (from 525 pre patch).

I have 12 of the polished marble chests (grinded specifically because they gave max storage which as crafter is super important).

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RIP, All my marble chests.

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so seems the tool tip is just wrong you need to pick up all your chests from your house and leave the house then come back and set them back down

i had to pick up my chests also and walk out and back in and place them down before mine updated also.

Came here to see if it had been reported. These look much better and cost much more to buy than Golden Steel.

Thank you for reporting! We have this listed in our Bugs Megathread and are working on a fix!


Pickicking chest up and placing them again DO NOT SOLVE the issue. That is becasue after logging off and logging back in, the storage is bugged once again. So you have to pick up and put down after each relog to have correct storage capacity. This is irritating af.

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I still do not see this listed in the Bugs Megathread, but definitely hoping that this is actually on the list of things to fixed.
The issue is the Polished Marble storage chests (which should be 1050 storage) are giving 650 storage, the same as the T2 Hunter storage chest. That’s 400 storage missing per chest … and I personally have several of them, would love to see this fixed. :wink: Thanks.

The fix for this is currently in testing!

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