Polished New World > Lost Ark

Change my mind.


No need to change your mind. Lost Ark just looks goofy. Not saying some of the skins in New World aren’t, but New World looks AMAZING. For me, POV and some realism is important.


I might agree, if they can ever get it polished. Patches have made the game less balanced, less stable, and more buggy over time so I’m not convinced it will ever reach that state. It’s either an unsustainable engine or codebase if every patch creates more problems than it solves.


I don’t like endgame mechanics on collectibles.

I’ll have to try the endgame content to know exactly how to judge it.

A polished New World would utterly destroy Lost Ark.

The issue there? We’re not going to see it lol

Numbers have been on the decline so consistently for so long, AGS is done with NW. No Dev posts, no community feedback, they’ve got their paycheck from this game.

For fucks sake, they literally had to buy the rights to publish Lost Ark to have a successful MMO lol

Don’t like Lost Ark? Cool, it’s a top down ARPG that isn’t for everybody obv.

But here simping for NW? xD

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I love ARPG’s though. I put countless hours into D2 and D3. My introduction to PC gaming was essentially D2. I still hit up a season on D3 occasionally as well.

What if no one cares where your mind or opinion rests on the two? AGS has their greasy hooks in both so I’m guessing failure of them both.

i’d rather play RO than LA lol


Why are you so mad?

Knowing when I get home from work I’ll have to log in and pay tax in a fucking video game on 3 houses to some try hard unemployed sweats puts me in a bad mood.

You asked.


I mean… I don’t disagree. Some of the mechanics in this game can and should be adjusted easily. But they don’t and haven’t and I don’t understand why.

But why act like you’re on your period? It ain’t that deep.

Whole heartedly agree with you though. Taxes are ridiculous and should have been reduced months ago.

Once the PTR goes live your taxes will be reduced to 1%. So cheer up.

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This reply gave me enough fuel to make it through the rest of my day, godspeed.

OK I apologize. I shouldn’t have barked at you. Just tired of seeing people try to defend this game and its developers instead of working as a whole to force them to fix their fuck-ups.

And for the record I think anything is pretty much > any game that uses click to move garbage that was cool in 1982.

When our company got Mourning, I burned myself out running townboards, trying to grind stuff together to sell to help us with taxes from trading, and on top of it helping to finance the settlement with contributing to the guild bank, as Mourning cost us a fortune to try and develop and to keep it running.

Yes, we were sweating indeed, but don’t think the kind of sweat you are referring to >.>

WW and EF, different story, but many of the outer settlements struggle, especially on med to low pop servers. I was so excited when we got Mourning - then couldn’t wait for us to get rid of it again -.-

One of the best MMO of all time

I help my faction by running town boards for them every time they win a territory. I do this out of some weird sense of pride not necessary because I need the town board rewards. If town ownership was a faction venture as opposed to guild venture I think we’d see much more of this. Which would be a very positive change.

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A polished NW with good end game content loops, fun side activities, a rewarding feeling for my time would blow away Lost Ark yes. Would blow away any MMO In my opinion. Remove the tax going to other players though too.

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See now you are talking without being rude and offering an excellent suggestion. You have good ideas, just dial back the antagonistic rhetoric.

I agree that territory control should be faction based, not company based. Similar to DAOC.

Agreeing on that, and we need to be able to move our homes without having to abandon, so we can create a more competitive settlement market, but especially lower pop servers often can not even get enough players together to fight off invasions. Every time we had to try and find the gold again to at least get the settlement stations back to where we had them. It was a nightmare, and I am pretty certain it still is for many of the outer towns.

We lost Mourning due to our server merging into another. I still have a home there, and I still love Mourning, and it’s not even my own faction now, but I carry all my trade there as I am certain the guys and girls having it now will be struggling, just as we did :disappointed_relieved: