Poll: do GAs need a nerf?

Healing was drastically nerfed for heavy armor not too long ago. Damage in heavy armor was not, therefore GA is still doing the same high damage as it was in heavy armor. That is not balance, never has been, never will be. The fact is GA does everything and it does it all well. You can literally just light spam through OPR and kill everyone.
Maybe WoW should change their Arms spec warriors to be like New Worlds. They can do massive bursts of damage with fast attack speed. Sounds balanced to me. Arms spec warriors would just run around light spamming and killing everybody in sight. Get real. New World said from the start the GA would be the hardest hitting weapon in the game…and thats fine. The attack speed that goes along with it is not, its a joke, as is the lunge.

They nerfed mages which was a counter to the melee death balls in wars and opr with aoe damage. So now its worse than ever.


ofc. yes

I think might be that Refreshing Reach (zoner passive) and Refreshing Move (weapon perk) works on abilities that count as heavy attacks after the patch which lets spear have almost zero cooldown on skills, since there wasn’t this kind of zero cooldown build for spear prior the recent buff to make some abilities count as heavy attacks.

the attack speed of GA is garbage.

Not sure why you are bringing up healer nerfs, there is no correlation to GA. GA isn’t causing people to stay alive longer, It has exactly two traits that add defense, one needs 3 people close to them and the other needs 300 str to be useful,(and might be a bug) which makes it mutually exclusive with high CON. This is unlike lifestaff which has numerous ways to stack fortify.

GA damage in its meta build isn’t high damage. its attacks are slow, its not just about the number on the screen, its about how quickly they occur. Add to that the game has blocks and iframes, it means the class is more susceptible to damage negation.

mage aoe is still extremely powerful, still getting high dps numbers.

My vote is: NO

Buff other weapon types instead
Buff armor types instead

Btw, who’s gonna count votes?
Time to stop nerfs mentality!

It makes sense to nerf 1 or 2 of the over performing weapons instead of buffing all of these others and then most likely lead to other imbalance issues in the future.

But this is common practice in gaming currently. Buffs on top of buffs with small nerfs for OVERUSED (only devs knows which weapon is used MUCH MORE than other type of weapons.
Everyone call it meta, so in different time frames you play using different “best ideal conditions” available in the game right now

Btw, I started one more thread urging everyone to stop thinking in Nerfing term
You’re welcome Answer to all those "Nerf GA" TSs. Time to stop nerfs mentality!

I used the word “poll” in the subject as a figure of speech :slight_smile:

but it seems to me that more people say no than yes …

however, i am going to make the (probably true) assumption that many people who would normally vote yes don’t want to publicly chime in on a contentious issue like this. So I will pad the results for them.

Final tally:
YES 87%
NO 13%

There! Looks good!

thats not really true, it depends if the other weapons are currently feasible on their own. If they are not you will merely kill whole playstyles.

lets say GA doesnt exist. Melee now always loses to ranged character who doesnt stand there. Lets say CC is removed. It now requires 7 sharpshooters perfectly coordinated to kill healers.

Sometimes things are in heavy use, not because they are OP, but because they have the tools the game design requires. In this case a designer needs to either change the objective, create other strong use cases, or standardize some of the functionality.

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According to whom? Muskets and Bows are what currently has an advantage against GA.

LMAO. I think most of the people crying about GA are bad players.

The HIT BOX on the swing absolutely does.

So no mention of GA nerf? what a joke. GA needs to be nerfed its passives and 3k light swings and auto-lunge are too overpowered. I get it rapier destroys GA but thats 1v1, your missing the point that you cant outrun GA without spamming abilities. a healer can never escape a GA and cant even outheal it in 1v1 because the dmg and CC is too high on axe. its absolutely stupid. Everyone here has seen the video you can legit auto-snap with a light swing upto 8feet away that is so broken. dodging as a healer vs a GA is pointless, you are just wasting stamina. you cant even damage a GA user because of all the passive crap they get by spamming an overpowered swing

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You probly dont play Wars.

I do.

GA Lunge distance needs to be nerfed by atleast half if not more, its unfair, unfun and broken.

I’ve a small quizz for you guys

What do you thinks happens in this picture, where the GA user is in the bottom right of the screen (under the Fire staff Spells)
A) He uses charge to connect since he’s really far
B) He swap to his hammer and uses Path of Destiny to stop the mage from running
C) He lights attacks, but it does nothing since the mage is already almost 2 lights rolls away
D) He lights attacks and teleports to the mage

You’ll find the answer in this video, have fun!

You got outplayed simple as.

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