(Poll) How happy are you with the NW team?

Hey guys,

as most threads in this forum devolve into the same few people arguing and insulting until the thread gets locked :smile:, i couldn’t help but wonder how everyone else is feeling about NW and AGS. I’ve created a few polls on different subjects that i will link to at the end of this post (and a couple other places), however if you’re short on time, just use the following over-arching poll:

Click me! Current Average: 3.3 / 10

The polls themselves are scaled from 1-10, 1 being “totally unhappy” and 10 being “couldn’t be better”. If you’re leaning more towards a negative perspective, try to see if you can’t find something you like (you ARE playing this game, after all). Same goes the other way around - if you’re enjoying the game that’s great, but do consider that it could be even better, and that some or even most of the recent criticism might be valid.

Also, please keep this thread clean. If you’re especially frustrated (or joyous!) about anything feel free to express that in the poll(s). :slight_smile:

The topics, and some ideas on what might go into that rating:

1.) Technical Issues

  • How quickly do bugs get addressed?
  • How do you feel about the priorization of bugfixes? (i.e. do the more important ones get fixed first?)
  • How well does the game run on your machine? Do you have any issues with crashes or lag? (input, network, …)
  • How user-friendly is the UI? Is it responsive, does it display all relevant information?

2.) Content Issues

  • How long does the content stay fun? Do certain parts seem fun at first, but get frustrating later?
  • Is enough content for your particular style of play (PvE, PvP, …) being released on a regular basis?
  • How do you feel about the priorization of content development? (1-60 experience vs. endgame, instanced vs open world, vertical vs horizontal progression, …)
  • How do you feel about the quality of the content that is being released? (In terms of actual game design, an example might be “Should an average dungeon/opr/chestrun/… be shorter or longer”? Bugs are another thing, that’s for the technical poll)

3.) Gameplay & Design Issues

  • How do you feel about weapon balance for your particular style of play? (PvE, PvP, …)
  • Are attribute mechanics transparent and work as you would expect? (Critical Hits, Blocks, Dodges, Hard and Softcaps on stats, Interactions between perks/gems/…)?
  • How is the balance between things you can accomplish solo vs as a group?
  • Are you happy with the TTK/TTD (Time to kill / time to death) in your preferred choice of content?

4.) Communication Issues

  • Does AGS communicate with their community frequently enough?
  • How relevant is the content to current game issues?
  • Is feedback being processed in a meaningful and transparent way?
  • Do you feel the distribution of critical information over different platforms is handled well? (forums, front page, dev tweets on twitter, …)

5.) Customer Service Issues

  • Do you think AGS handles cheaters, botters and exploiters well?
  • How well does the customer support do in general? (Ban appeals, payment issues, technical support, …)
  • Do you think most bans that are handed out are justified (Mass reports, dupes, harassment, …)? Should they be shorter or longer?

The Links:

Technical - Click me
Content - Click me
Gameplay - Click me
Communication - Click me
Service - Click me

Thanks for sharing your opinion. :slight_smile:



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One of the most important topics here! Guys, please, let’s vote and give possibility to AGS to see results and draw conclusion from it!

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Zach. add to the title “Questionnaire” it will attract more players to check your post :slight_smile:

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Some leads have to go away.
Like weapon balance lead - is he even doing anything? Fire that guy.
Like person that chose to fix some stupid quest over major pvp issues - fire that person.


I voted on each and every category. Now the question is, after said polls are finished and tallied up then released showing the higher/lower parts of what a player base on forums chooses…and I AM being very specific here on my wording, player base on forums, if the AGS and all affilites of the NW/AGS team will look and perhaps, maybe, by some smallllllllllllllllllllllll chance to not only look but pay attention and apply SOME…some changes IF they read this :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


Also voted, but i think the technical part should be seperated in different questions - thats too general here.

But good work and thanks for your time!

You got my votes. Just think on the communication pool -1000 to 10 wouldn’t be enough to show how happy people are with their communication.

Greatsword, hitscan, game breaking bugs, heavy lack of pvp modes, balance overall. And announcing unwanted changes and useless features.

So on, all the points will get like 2.5/10 on average.

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I don’t have enough experience with their games specifically to judge based only on their own work(s). In comparison to other similar works, AGS seems better in some areas, lacking in others.

Most bugs seem to be addressed in a timely fashion. I have noted outliers that seem to have been around for longer.

The game runs well enough on my hardware/network connection - only occasional issues with lag - crashes are very rare.

UI is fair - responsiveness is at least fair most of the time. I wouldn’t say no to more UI options nor increased responsiveness.

I jump around between content and playstyle - solo, duo, group. If one thing gets tiresome, I usually do something else. So far the release rate of content is at least commensurate with the time it takes me to consume it.

The prioritization of content gets no complaint from me - a starting user experience would seem to me to be foundational, so it’s not surprising to me that it would and should receive priority.

I need more playtime / data to be able to speak to weapon balance, but initial impression is that weapons have different, distinct feel and applicability. TTK/TTD seems reasonable for most MOBs I engage.

AGS communication seems decent - as with most things, it could always improve.
I don’t have direct experience with how AGS handles botters/cheaters/exploiters.

More people have to vote. I would like to know if the situation is even worse than i thought.

@Luxendra @Bankon @Aenwyn so much good feedback and you do nothign with it


i gave up on the game a month ago, i keep looking at patch notes and there is still no changes incomming that is in ptr. all i can say, sack these middleaged devs that has never played a compedetive pvp game in their life.



:+1: for OP.

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Guys, thx so much for keeping this alive :slightly_smiling_face:

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You forgot to add negative values 1 is not low enough, if it was not from friends coming back most people would not play it and it will die out as we will move to other games.

You are welcome :slight_smile:

Bump, so more ppl see it and vote :grinning: