Poor designs in key aspects of the game

In no particular order

  1. Itemization:
    too bland, not enough meaningful stratification/differentiation from common to legendary; repair cost adjusted, the desirability of epic/legendary is even less

  2. Currency
    whatever system should provide ample currency to satisfy basic playing experience needs. exponential price increase for ultra rare material or BIS gears is fine. I very much like the Path of Exile system of Chaos, Exalt, Mirrors etc.

  3. Economy/crafting
    crafting must provide actual in game utility rather than just a number grind. At every/most level(if possible), crafting should produce superior gears/accessories/items than those available from drops

  4. Balance
    just look at over/under played weapons/meta, nerf/boost accordingly

  5. Quest
    more doesn’t mean better. this game has a massive problem of “ctrl-c, ctrl-v”.

  6. End game
    aspirational goals. gamers need to feel that there are rooms to improve: gears, skills, in game perks, status etc. War just for the sake of war gets boring fast.

Having read through pages of feedback the last several days, I am not sure that the game is fixable, as solutions often times produce unintended negative consequences. Not going to say that the game will die in 30, 60, or 90 days, but my opinion of the game has steadily gone down since launch. There are fundamental/structural issues that designers overlooked earlier on.

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