Poor Endgame Dungeon Design

Hello, I’ll try to make this short and sweet. Some emotion may have bled through.

Issue #1:
Tuning Orbs

It takes Level 50 and 75 Stonecutting to make the Arena Tuning Orbs.
Lazarus and Genesis Take LVL 200 and 100, respectively.
Those requirements lead a gamer to believe that players will use the arena tuning orbs earlier than the dungeon orbs.

Arena Bosses are NOT GS 500 content. They are 550+ or even higher. (which means level 61+, but the game doesn’t explain this to you, ever.) Arena Bosses are more challenging than the Genesis Expedition. The level 50 stonecutting Orbs are more difficult content than the level 100 dungeons… All three of them

Issue #2
GearScore Reccomendations

Idk who is in charge of this, but gear score recommendations need to be posted for ALL content. I’m talking expeditions, corruption portals, elite zones, etc., in conjunction with level recommendations. The story quest sends you to do the monoecious cleft as soon as you’re level 60, but the Spriggan in the arena is light years beyond 500 Gearscore content, even if it is just a boss.

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