Population is Drowning

This is it ! They didn t listen the good people for this game and now they are paying the price … New World is a PVP game not a freaking PVE at all !


No it’s not, majority are pve farmers, crafters dungeon raiders chest runners etc. If pvp was the majority opr and 3v3 wouldn’t have issues getting people to play them yet here we are.



These damn PVE’ers, can’t they see we patched in a new PvP mode, PvP system and PvP only talents, yet they still keep leaving! If only we had more PVP systems people would stay.

It’s the PVE’ers fault!



Its a Sunny sunday …
Holiday Season starts too …

There is not enough pve content for pve players and there is not enough pvp for pvp players. They trying to build 2 games in 1 game, where pvp and pve is separated. This is a fail idea.

There should be a things in game mostly end game content which is combined for both, need a strong pve players and pve players cooperate together. But what we have now is just fail… I like the idea, that doing pve will let me get top pvp and pve gear, also doing only pvp will let me get max gear, but somehwere the path of pvp and pve has to cross and give people a posibility to use theirs skills, abilities and resources to achieve a bigger things together. If the Territory system was designed better and be a space for both pvp and pve groups, guilds not just faction it could work fine, it could be that place for all. But sadly its not and this is wrong…


Terrible argument.

Arenas were doomed to fail the moment AGS decided not to normalize gear and get rid of the expertise system.

And then there was the nerf to open world PvP.

AGS continues to make the same mistakes over and over and then game will eventually shut down because of it.


Very shallow thought process.

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Opening new fresh servers will save game! And a lot of people will come back. AGS Hear us please!




It has nothing to do with pve or pvp. Population is droping bc of super bad quality of patches. Except march patch that was super good (and it incread daily amount of players) - all other patches are crap. Always retstroing old bugs and adding new ones.

Plus bc they still fight to fix bugs, amount of content is super low: like 1 dungeon, 1 weapon and 1 new game mode in 8 months.

And they cant balance pvp. Each time they break balance somwhere.


People returned for the Tempest expedition, stayed a few weeks then they left.

People returned for arenas, stayed a few hours then they left.

Even better, they started farming quests for PVP

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Arenas are probably too unbalanced for most people to enjoy at this point. They need at least a separate queue for solos.

Increasing the PvP exp reward per arena match and maybe offering gypsum might encourage people to queue up.

They could offer GS 600 loadouts to pick from, so fresh/undergeared level 60s could have fun or even allow a level 20 to queue up and have them boosted to level 60 with maxed out weapon trees.

To be fair to AGS, I think everyone, including AGS, knew arenas were going to be an unbalanced mess in the beginning, but they released it early so we would have more content. They can turn arenas around with some balancing.


This topic requires a nuanced discussion.

Good PvP is less about grinding and more about player skill expression. In this game it is impossible for a person in green gear to compete with players in 3-Perk BiS.

PvP games in general start off all players on similar/comparable footing. Yes, there are PvE elements that allow players to progressively build up a meaningful advantage. It is built up through the course of a match.

However, there is no method to start off a fight at maximum power and auto win by default.

Battle Royale scene as an example allows players to win with green or blue equipment.

In this game it is impossible to achieve victory with green equipment into a kit of yellow gear.

There is a reason why two perk might cost 200k and a 3 perk BiS goes well beyond gold cap.

The third perk (depending on what it is) makes a large impact to outcomes of PvP engagements.

PvP based games have progression and comeback mechanics as to keep win rates in the ball park of 50% Winrate for all parties involved.


No one returned for either. The game is too broken and the devs after too visionless for such a binary conversation.

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fresh servers won’t do it, not by a long shot. Imo (which means about a grain of salt) they need to shut down NW and make some real choices…

  1. Choose a path, pvp or pve more based, one of the two

  2. Leave both pve and pvp but revamp the system towards pvp items/gear that have things only to do with pvp and same for pve. This way players have choices on gear/items/pots and food for both

  3. Once a choice has been made on what they’re gonna do, start redoing NW, keep the beautiful graphics but system needs full on overhaul

  4. After revamping the system, run the PTS (player test servers), take notes on bugs/complaints/issues

  5. Fix the bugs and take the top…I dunno, 5 complaints (players compiling complaints as a whole) work on those and the bugs BEFORE they relaunch NW 2nd Gen.

Biggest issue most players have is the company not listening doing the opposite in most cases, non-transparency, bugs, and how they are letting gold bots/big companies selling for RTM by owning/raping every single player in that town who has a home

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It’s barely a finished game-- hell, it isn’t. And I don’t mean that they did or can keep patching, I mean it wasn’t prepared for launch in the first place.

Now they’ll never outpace players who’ll never feel like there’s enough content for them, because they went two feet in on the launch.

Having watched them, up to this point, I just… don’t know what to say anymore. What could help them? I genuinely don’t know. The game still lacks any unifying vision… and anytime they implement anything they have to double back and change a thing the whole fucking forum told them to change in the first place.


Pretty much but they are too scared to lose more people

At this rate, they’re losing them by NOT taking proper steps, wouldn’t you agree?

They’re kinda seeing it as damned-if-they-do, damned-if-they-don’t.

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