Population is Drowning

I honestly don’t understand why opr doesn’t have like 3-4 maps at this point. It would seem like adding new maps would be a fairly low resource endeavor which would pay big rewards. People enjoy opr but are tired of the same old map.


People are not tired of the OPR map, they are tired of the OPR rewards, the same goes for the Arenas, 40 min of play per 100 threshold only if you win seems disrespectful to me.

I can only speak for myself but the complete opposite is true. I don’t mind the amount of xp you get from oprs, but the map is now so boring. But then I play oprs for fun and not character advancement.

And for fun I don’t do dungeons, in the end it’s still a bad system.

I guess I enjoy all elements of the game. But new maps and dungeons would be good. At least we have a new dungeon coming. Still nothing in new opr maps. It makes no sense.

I insist, they do not get anything out of releasing new content without fixing the problems of the current system. New maps is obviously a plus, but it would be even better if they fixed the system.

Nowadays the player does OPR by obligation, to get the daily missions. You can’t expect everyone to come in focused on doing the hit well, in fact, the vast majority don’t.

I guess if you insist.

But for myself, just give us some new opr maps please. It will do something for me and all the other people who have requested new opr maps in this forum. Give us 2-3 new maps, then fix all the big stuff you are referring to.

And like I previously said, I play opr for fun, not obligation.

PvP is not good in this game…when you see a great axe / hammer toon rolling like a ninja you know something is up

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Thx to some streamers which played the game only because they are to lazy to work.

Many tousands stopped because there streamer God did.

Welcome to generation YouTube!


We really need to update these memes with the new ceo of Amazon now that Jeff is off trying to Race Elon to space.

Exactly on point! Most of those communities are spending 24/7 in a game then after 1 month they complain. I play the game 2 months casually and i really love to be in this game! Environment and Graphics are Great.

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Let returning players grind through expertise faster and make expertise faster in general.

Let all gear normalize to 600GS in instanced PvP.

Offer purchasable faction gear at 600 GS but not legendary, This will be tied to expertise level but will give them the ability to pvp right away if they want to.

The new crafting changes in PTR will help, except do not let split stat gear get so many extra stats. Let normal non-split gear come close and split stat gear gets only 1-2 extra stats at 625 not 5, also reduce soft cap scaling with this change so you get more out of single stat allocation as some multi stat builds are going to be troublesome.

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Exactly this.

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