Portals intentionally turned off?

How is it that every test i played and beta and preview all the portals work just. But on release on one of the sweatiest servers in US East we are all lvl 60 in first week and we cant do anything now. Because the 55 and 65 portals wont close. A few gamers found a bug around this and we started closing 55 and 65 portals and that was patched with 48 hours but the portals still are not fixed? There is nothing to do but craft now at lvl 60 and do 1 chest run a day.

How were you closing them? They have to be intentionally doing it for some reason, it is killing the game, they have no idea what they are doing.

Tier 4 and Tier 5 Azoth staves don’t work.

If you upgrade from tier 3 to a 4 it also doesn’t remove the tier 3.

So I’m ignoring that portion of that last step in the tier 4 quest.

There’s like 10 posts + a day on it or more.

Ye there was a glitch where we closed them for 2 days before they patched which just proves the have them intentionally turned off

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