Positive Elite POI compromise

You say the changes to the elite are part of your long term plan to have multiple options for solo, small and large groups, pve and pvp to all have multiple routes to do end game content.
If that is truly he case can you wait to make the change to their difficultly until you have those other options so you do not inadvertently cripple your current users.
Or could you compromise and only buff the silver and golds that are in the 60+ actual elite zones (the red areas that say 5+players) that are in the or anything in the shattered mountains you could then make those areas more likely to drop better watermarks.
That being said if you don’t want to ostracized your small companies and solo players you should be change the elite areas with level 50 or lower POIs back to how they were before as well as any elites that are attached to quests or outside of the formal elite zones. You should not be force players to waste their time to find a group to help with quests because they have a silver and gold POIs tied to them. You can even make it so those non adjustmented areas just drop food/furniture schimics or other things like that if you are worried about your water marks being to easy.
Also if you could give the elemental harvesting back that would be greatly appreciated as well leveling logging with actual trees is like pulling teeth :wink:
I truly loved this game last week. I’ve played for over 6 hours a day from release but I play solo or with one other guy so the current state has taken a lot of the fun out of the game so I hope someone will listen. Because I love the game I’d be happy to wait if there is hope for a solution coming soon, but if the only hope is to wait for you guys to hopefully add things in the coming months then I’m afraid your small group and solo players would view that as you not caring about their game play. Fingers crossed

@Luxendra I wanted to add this to the megathead but I missed it by a day. Do u think u could pass it on?
Appreciate your time

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