Possible beast AI additive

One way to make the game a bit more emmersive is to have the predator beasts attack the non-predator beasts. I do not know how the code is fully set up but I have seen them do random idle animations. So you could add a rand for when the animations activates to make a call to see if the predator “sees” a prey in thier field of vision, if it does it can attack the prey. It should not be hard to add a parameter to the beasts to see if they are predator or prey, a simple boolean would work. The rand can be modified if they are attacking too much, ‘I would start off low maybe a 5% chance or so’. Most of the code is already in the game from what I have seen, just adding some more calls to the functionality that should be in place would add to the emmersiveness of the game and give the game a bit more polish. You could even have the predator beast eat the prey, “as in have the predator skin the animal”. Which that would be more functionality to the beast type AI.

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