Possible cause of bad performance identified?

On a 5950x and 3090 the performance is terrible.

The fps drop only seems to happen if it look towards an area I’ve just been. It’s as if the game engines LOD doesn’t scale back down when you leave an area causing it to try and render the high resolution version of the asset unnecessarily.

For those who may not know how this works:
Usually in games far away objects when the texture / geometry of an object is rendered it will be of a lower quality to save system resources. As you approach such an object the game engine will start to load in a higher detailed version of the asset. This is usually done in such a way you can’t see this happen. As you then start to move away from such an object the game engine should prepare the lower quality version of the asset of an object to once again save on system resources.

Methods to test:
If you run in a straight line for a minute or so you should notice the FPS is “normal”. Turn 180degrees to look behind at where you just came from and you will notice a considerable drop in FPS.

I’m fairly certain this is the result of the LOD (Level of detail) not scaling back down when it should.

Here is a video testing and showing this in action (Video still processing HD version (Should be 3840x1600 when finished)) :

Thank you for finding this.

Hopefully the devs can investigate this and find a solution. I wonder if this is related the LOD bug that also cause nearby object textures to not load until you are fully on top of the them.


Thank you for sharing this information i will be passing it on to the team so they can check on what is going on

Thank you : D

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