Possible flaw in "How to Submit a Bug Report"

Due to my recent experience with Appeals, and having to utilize the support features I feel it’s important to point out a possible trap for users trying to do their diligence in exploring and properly reporting bugs / exploits.

Primarily drawing attention to the following step

  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced
  1. I feel this information not only shouldn’t be publicly posted as it may create an issue faster than it can be fixed via people reading how to do something, and then taking it upon themselves to utilize that problem until it’s fixed. Most of the users on this page do use common sense and request DM’s for said information or decline to provide it +1 to you all.

However, if someone were to say “test” and “report” an issue… For whatever reason if that lead to disciplinary action (through being found out and reported while in the process, or via some system feature) against that player for “exploiting etc” there is a major flaw in that user being able to recover from such an action.

See “Ban Appeal”

Remember excuses like these are not justification to overturn the ban:

  • I was testing it and was going to report it.

I have recently had to encounter this moderation department and I cannot say it is a pleasant place full of conversation and sharing of information, it’s usually a one sided, seemingly copy pasted response and I would hate for someone trying to “help” get caught up in this uphill battle.

I’m not trying to stir the pot or create drama, This isn’t about my experiences I just feel it’s important to point out trying to replicate an issue, if severe enough could land a player in hot water with no means of escape per the guidelines set by the company.

Communication is key, and at the top, when you’re bound to emails that can take days to be received and you cannot reply to because they will go to whoever is next in line instead of the original support user, there doesn’t seem to be much to protect someone trying to do the right thing.

I would recommend not replicating an issue and sticking to what you understand about it and go from there with reports.


Thanks for the head’s up but i have been replicating and reporting issues since almost from day 1. If i cop a ban for it then i will just write the game off and AGs for that matter as i never repeat a replication more than once if the results work.

But good for looking out for others i do not trust AGS at all, so far regarding their support and communication it has been pretty bad. But i do it because i believe in New World and the lads i game with.

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ahahaha doing every bug/exploit once to make sure it is working…

Just imagine if everyone was acting like that.

Otherwise thanks for the head’s up, I do agree about everything

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