Possible OWPVP solution

hey i posted this idea on reddit but they asked me to post here for better visibility

i, like a lot of you, greatly enjoyed the gc pvp and thought of a suggestion to ease the nerf burn. Every 4th hour could be a bonus faction exp hour. The buff could be applied to 1 different zone at a time in a rotation that could be displayed on the war schedule page. With this implemented, 75% of the time opr/arena would be the optimal grind but we would still have multiple owpvp oppourtunities daily in varied environments. Since only 1 area would be bonus exp at a time the herd would not be spread too thin and we might actually see cutlass keys pushed for the first time in history. Thoughts?


I’m open to any changes to promote open world PvP tbh. I’m not sure about this idea, but I appreciate you thinking outside the box. I think they should have just not nerfed the rewards, but instead buffed opr and arenas. They gate people far too frequently in this game.

The whole open world PvP experience needs overhauling anyway. IMO it should be areas of the zone you should have to capture and hold in order to throw it into conflict. Then the opposing faction can actually fight for the zone and it isn’t about who does the most quests(which is insane to me).
Then you would actually get open world PvP, because there would be something to actively fight for… A war before the war essentially.

Players should be rewarded for each area they capture/defend. This could be a timer that starts to tick the moment a point is contested. So depending the time it takes to attack/defend the greater the reward. This again rewards active open world participation

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