Possible Server Instability? Themiscyra

Server - US EAST: Themiscyra
Character Name - DuskDrawsNear
Issues have been present in one way or another for several days but I didn’t think much of it. This morning it’s pretty pronounced though.

I’ve been noticing some persistent load problems around windsward and everfall the last few days. It usually presents as failure to load NPCs, terrain accessories such as fences and walls, herbs loading in and then spontaneously unloading. Town boards failing to load. Contextual interface failing to appear on harvestable items (notably boulders). Clipping through boulders and walls and then rubberbanding. And then this morning I got this when I fast traveled to Brightwood.

Update: Could be client instability. When I log to the main menu the graphical bugging is still present. I’m going to shut down the game and restart. Will report if that fixes it. If not I will troubleshoot my hardware and report back.

same problem for me, but my HDD died soon afterwards. not in those colours mind you… but just

failure to render anything in time…

players were just floating heads with no bodies… the floor and trees would suddenly pop into view in low quality and slowly increase in texture…

your problem looks like it could be a temperature related issue with your GPU though

mine was 100% harddrive related.

EDIT: next time you run the game keep an eye on the gpu temps…

it could of been damaged and causing artifacts because it was used at a very high temp for too long.

It’s highly doubtful. I’ve got a box fan strapped to the side of the case moving air out at max speed so it stays right around 65-68c. I’ll take a look at it though. Thanks for the suggestion.

The render artifacts are gone upon restarting the game. I haven’t tested running into boulders and clipping through stuff or whether or not the mining interface appears but those issues have been persistent for days so I’m sure I’ll see them again.

you’d be surprised if the code is poor… in the game which is more and more seeming very likely…

it can cause all kinds of damage to machines.

EDIT: the fact the problem persisted when you logged out into the main menu is also a sign that whatever it was , was hardware related.

worth noting that I play on potato mode. Of course I’m also just below the minimum specs which, I believe, is the 970

strange, have you tried verifying the game files in steam ?

mean if the problem still persists that is … it could of been a freak event.

Game files are good. It reproduced about an hour later under the same conditions. Haven’t had an issue since.

I did end up restarting my machine, clearing the system cache, and dumping about 10 gigs of useless files because the disk was totally full (less than 100mb came as something of a shock) but I don’t see how that could have had any impact on a graphical artifact. it’s definitely a bit of a question mark for me.

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