Possible server issue solution: one-world system

There have been many issues surrounding server status, server transfer etc. I think a possible solution could be a one-world system similar to GW2, BDO, Albion Online etc. I’ll try to explain how I see it.

EU is one world, NA is one world (maybe even together). The server selection you make is only relevant to wars. As your ‘home server’ is the server you will fight on. Other than that you can freely hop between channels. To avoid abuse this should have a 10-15min cd. And obviously not while in combat.

The number of channels available should be dynamic. Maybe there’s a double xp weekend going on and there are a lot of players, in this case we have like 5 channels to choose from. Event is over and population is going down, now we can only choose between 3 channels. This ensures the highest chances of running into other players so the world feels alive.

The concept of ‘channel hopping’ has been done by many games before so I’m going to assume the majority of people get my gist by now.

Now everything has it’s pros and cons. Obvious cons to this idea is that the community is larger so reputation is less important. Scammers will have an easier time finding new victims. The social aspect is toned down. But in my opinion it’s a price I’m willing to pay for the following pros.

One market (trade post) will make for a better economy. Rarer items will be available and have a demand. And a larger market is more resistant to duping and other shenanigans.

One pool of players to draw from for LFG, OPR, etc means you’ll be fighting with/against different players more often and have shorter queue times. We all want shorter queue times no?

No dead servers anymore.

No p2w through server hopping on alt accounts. (Yes this does happen)

More player agency. Just want to gather but the nodes are taken? Swap channel and you may be lucky. Looking for open world PvP? Maybe chat is saying there’s some to be found on channel x. Want to finish your quest but can’t cause the area is closed due to a war? No need to wait, just swap channel.

New players can easily connect to their friends who have been playing a longer time.

I realise this isn’t the be-all-end-all solution. But I honestly feel the game would be better for it. Looking forward to the responses :slight_smile:

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