Possible to remove the ammo counter?

Is there a way to remove the ammo counter/tracker from the right of your reticule? For me it’s SUPER distracting


Would like to know this as well, ammo count is already on bottom right, don’t need it in at crosshair as well as it tends to make aiming more annoying during intense combat.

So is there a way to remove or move the ammo number?

I can not see a way, but it would be good if we could… it is quite annoying.

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it doesnt seem like it

I agree, as stupid as it makes me sound, I’ve accidentally mistook parts of the counter as my crosshair in battle and fire far left cause of it. I don’t really need a counter up there when I have a big one on the bottom right already.


its not stupid at all. thats why i want to remove it. It’s the same size and color as the crosshair and its already hard enough as a musket user. I have 500 rounds at a time in a single shot rifle. I think I’m good on keeping track myself lol

I’m not a bow/gun user myself so can’t try it out but there’s a option under gameplay to disable “vitals values”. Maybe that will remove it as well. Knowing your exact health/mana/stamina numbers aren’t really that important anyway in this game.

I’d love this gone as well. It’s distracting and unnecessary.

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Seems like a simple change. Please remove the ammo count next to the reticule. Very annoying and distracting.


it’s really annoning. anyone know how to edit UI?

+1 We need an option to turn the crosshair ammo indicator off for bows and muskets.

we need this ASAP!!!

AGS, please make the ammo count right to the crosshair toggleable or remove it.

thank you

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