Possibly solution to the PVP whiners?

Let me start off by saying I am a PVE player…

DESPITE that, I find PVP to be a totally fine way to play and encourage the devs to foster more open world pvp, battleground-like pvp, etc. I cannot stand the PVE players that complain about PVP, if you don’t want to do it, don’t do it. If you don’t want the extra rewards for doing PVP then that is on you. Let PVP be great… BOTH can exist.

HOWEVER, a common complaint from PVE players on why they hate PVP and being flagged is that they get ganked/camped by players massively higher level than they are… I somewhat understand their frustration if a level 15 player is repeatedly being destroyed by a level 60 player out in the world… Is a possible solution to this allowing players…

  1. flag themselves for PVP in open world but enabling it that somehow players must be within 5-10 levels of each other for it to count?
  2. Produce diminishing damage returns for players massively out leveling their opponents? For example is a 60 attacks a level 15, then instead of 1 hit kill… their damage is nerfed…
  3. Making all players, regardless of level evenly balanced level wise as it relates to PVP, only taking into account gear, skill, etc? So basically we’d all be level 60 when fighting each other, but it still gives advantage to those with better gear, etc. this would at least give lower levels a fighting chance?

Again… I personally am totally fine with PVP and think all these current changes are needed and acceptable… just trying to reach a middle grown that makes both sides happy :slight_smile:

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I believe there’s already some kind of scaling with open world pvp so n.2 is already in action.

n.1 is a cool idea if they remove the scaling. Otherwise what’s the scaling for?

n.3 would make lvling up irrelevant apart from the fact that you can equip the better gear?
But again it kinda already is in action with the scaling.

Basically you can kill a lvl 60 as a lvl 20 right now.

…and WERE the whiners…

Here :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Let me clarify, I’m saying PVE players whining about PVP… not PVP players whining :slight_smile: I think PVP players are correct and deserve what they get :slight_smile:

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