Post 1.1.1 can't farm elemental animals

It’s back up but still can’t farm the elemental animals. I wanted to see how much of a difference there was with the current wood xp rate VS b4 and if they give quint at all but they couldn’t be harvested.
Same thing is happening as b4

same problem.

Bears in reekwater can be mined. 7 get 258 mining Xp and 7 loads tone. Wolves cannot

Oh so another half baked patch then…how surprising!

I hope they can fix soon. And I’m hoping they over adjusted and will fix. That 858 logging was the only thing I was hoping would not be nerfed. It’s only good way to level logging n get wyrdwood w/o fighting and racing ppl like it’s musical glowing blue trees

You do even bother to read patch notes?!
We also removed elemental motes as rewards from gathering elemental creatures and reduced the amount of other resources acquired from them to account for the number of them in the world and the frequency at which they respawn. The original intention with these creatures was to make them challenging and infrequent encounters in the world. The way we used them in practice resulted in them becoming less dangerous and more frequent which caused an imbalance with the amount of resources they provided, compared to the primary sources such as elemental plants and stones.

They added the part about the wolves being missing from the update after I posted about em being missing but yeah I knew about the resources being decreased. I only meant that I’m optimistically hoping they over tuned them and that they’ll end up at 40-60% nerf instead of 90. I don’t actually think that will happen but I can hope. If not just gotta go all CON and cut some trees in eden

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The hope they can fix soon just meant to make the wood ones harvestable. Dear and wood wolves r still off

And I knew from the notes last night they were taking the motes out but they did not mention the quint but said all other resources would be reduced but I remember on their first post about them that they wanted to remove the quint too so I wanted to login and verify for myself if the quintessence was reduced or removed completely and we what the new logging xp would be in comparison to the 828 previously

quints were removed in previous patch and swapped with basic motes. Then the problem was that these animals gave more quints in form of motes so they turned it all off.

That makes sense. I only ever farmed em for wood so 8 never paid attention to them

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