Post 1.1.1 still can't farm elemental animals

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  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: elemental animals still cannot be farmed
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I thought the patch notes said you couldn’t farm them anymore…

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still same problem i tried it and still closed i guess

They say u can but u get less resource/harvest skill no motes and prob no quint

Wolves not working. Bears are (in reekwater). 258 mining xp and 7 loads tone from bears

I thought the update went to smoothly to be real

notes say the following

Motes from Elemental enemies:

  • Fixed an issue causing a large number of motes to drop from elemental enemies.
  • We also removed elemental motes as rewards from gathering elemental creatures and reduced the amount of other resources acquired from them to account for the number of them in the world and the frequency at which they respawn. The original intention with these creatures was to make them challenging and infrequent encounters in the world. The way we used them in practice resulted in them becoming less dangerous and more frequent which caused an imbalance with the amount of resources they provided, compared to the primary sources such as elemental plants and stones.

which translates into that those enemies should be gatharable but with reduced amount of items. which is not the case. Wolves are not gatharable at all.


Yeah I’m hoping they over tuned and will fix. I don’t mind losing the motes or quint but that 858 logging was great and I didn’t have to race ppl n bots to the tree spawns

I just asked the same question in my server and was told I couldn’t read. It says no motes but I still should be able to get the wyrd wood which isn’t the case am I wrong for thinking that we should still get the wood?

U r right. They just updated the patch notes in official news about it

If it’s comparable to the bears u would get 7 wood per harvest once it’s fixed

@Tosch was not able to harvest the wyrdwood stag in reekwater either

@Tosch not sure if ull see this since I’m sure ur being blasted with hate mail. If u can I would change wolves to loggable creatures and change removing motes and reducing all other resources to removing motes and quintessence as some may argue that u the way it was written quintessence would have been one of the things reduced instead. I remember your original post when you took them offline said you were removing it but people don’t look that far
Have a great day. Cool turkey

I’m so annoyed by this. I have routes I take to gather motes. I don’t care if they drop motes. All I care about is being able to level my logging in a reasonable amount of time. I’m currently like level 126 logging. Only being able to log 5 or 6 wyrdwood trees at a time every 30 minutes it torture. Especially since most of them are very tiny trees and arn’t full sized ones. What am I supposed to do when I get to the level where I can do the Expedition that requires you to log some ironwood trees to get to it? They need to turn this back on asap. Looking for updates on this is the number one reason it check the forums.

They need to put back quints. I completely agree that getting a quint every time was too easy, but right now you have to farm all enough motes from other sources to make quints. That is way too much work to make the quints required to craft a single purple gem and it’s BS. I don’t mind having to kill 10 wolves for a quint, but right now you have to traverse and entire zone to MAYBE get the mats required to carve a single gemstone. It such BS. Thanks to this I’ve used up most of my entire mote stockpile that I have been saving for the entire game. I have no faith left that they’ll ever get their acts together as they just continue to roll out new bugs while not focusing on the old ones.

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