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no, as someone who literally 1v1s a healer and 1v1s a bruiser, the healer is the problem lmao…
30 minute fight to kill healer, skill match up against a bruiser.

ga/wh: dodge the easily timeable stuns
s&s: dodge the shield bash otherwise you get punished

fighting against healer: literally cant do anything because they just roll and roll and riposte until heal is back up and sit in it for 10 seconds when its 20 sec cooldown. Oh did i mention they can also drink pots too so they have even more healing?

If shield bash is so punishing, maybe healers should run that instead of riposte.
Saced is 12 seconds with a 14-second cooldown. For me.

Note that Rapier is being sufficiently-nerfed on the ptr. Healers won’t be invulnerable with it in brimstones.

Bro this isn’t cool, spamming up the forum with troll posts, because you are upset people are making valid claims about healing being overpowered in pvp situations. Seriously, what are you
even doing? Grow up


Same is vs any light user that don’t want to engage but run away, they just roll and roll and riposte fletche and roll roll.

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Did they actually nerf it or is that slap on the wrist evade nerf and fixing the riposte bug what we’re still looking at?

??? Bruisers are healers biggest fan. Ive never seen a non bot bruiser complain about healing instead of about rapier

Musket rapier is a skill matchup agianst bruiser in your opinion? Theres a reason 90% of bruisers outside of ww refuse to 1v1 anyone but another bruiser, the build is shit in 1v1.

As stated in the other threads, these aren’t troll posts, but meant to draw attention to the larger issue.

It seems you are trolling by going to every post and writing the same exact thing.

It’s not that healing is OP. It’s that you don’t know how to rotate cooldowns or use a rotation


I think it’s just your heals that aren’t OP.

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ST heals.
The 3 players below me were also ST healers.

From my perspective it’s rapier in combination with alot of other weapons that make each class unfun to play against and can seem overpowered.

For example if any decent light armour player in opr uses hatchet and rapier together they aren’t getting killed ever.

Musket + rapier and bow + rapier are 2 others that are extremely hard to kill.

Riposte and evade need a rework.

Fleche is similar to other gap closers so isn’t in need of a rework itself. But iin tandem with riposte is a bit ridiculous.

You should make a new thread and call it Healers aren’t the problem; Rapiers in combination with any other weapon is.


Seriously, though, a player can pair a rapier with any weapon and they’re instantly a powerhouse. Take it away and pair that weapon with anything else, and you stand a chance at taking them down.

Why is it that healers should be killable 1:1 when anyone with any amount of skill is not killable because they can just disengage? A healer can’t kill you either if you don’t go afk…

I think the myriad of ways that anyone can avoid mechanics/damage in this game is creating most of the problems.

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I think there is a reason majority of healers use rapier. It was annoying to play against before stamina recovery, shirking energy and shirking fort and now it is just ridiculous.

Needs a rework. All weapons should give a similar amount of utility to improve build variety and make the game better in an ideal world.

Let’s take steps towards that if we can and it starts by making the rapier a better balanced weapon.

Make riposte cone shaped and not 360 stun?

A shield doesn’t block all dmg from everywhere and neither should riposte. Make sense?

Trust me bruisers aren’t the ones complaining about healers or at least they shouldn’t be if they want to play the game.

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