Post-Level 60 XP Suggestion

Anybody who is level 60 or higher knows that any XP gained after level-60 is currently useless. I would like to suggest that we give this XP a purpose, perhaps an “XP Aptitude” meter that would reward you for the XP earned after level 60, similarly to the trade skill systems in game. These rewards could also be tied to gypsums or expertise in some way in order to assist with the watermarking grind.

I would love to hear feedback and suggestions regarding this idea as well, as I don’t really have any concept of what fair rewards vs. fair XP required would look like.


Yup. It’s been suggested several times. I mentioned it’s like in GW2 lev-up chest reward. It could indeed provide aptitude chest or gypsun or a random Legendary if it’s not too easy.

Not sure where this idea is even picked up by Devs or in what place on a list it has. So many more important things they gotta work on…

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It boggles my mind there is no system in place to use post 60 xp. It’s such an easy thing to do, but would add so much, especially for non-sweaty players. Just doing shit would give you some kind of rewards at level thresholds and it would be a very welcome addition. Not going to even mention that it could be a Diablo like paragon system to further customize your character, but I guess the devs have no imagination nor experience.

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