Post removed that got 25 Likes?

A lighthearted post removed that asked why all the shop items were for men when my wife wanted a witches costume? Really. Just for pointing out there were probably thousands of women gamers. Shame on you AGS. You seem to be disappearing up your own backsides with the mess you’ve created. Ah,well. The weekly nerf to the life staff has ensured there’s two less healers. We’re off back to ESO. Good luck with your bots, goldsellers, broken code, cheaters ect. Will take another look in six months or so.

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Christ the woke people are coming out of the shadows!!

Honestly it’s a game, get a fucking life.



Oh if you 2 are on fae can I have your stuff?

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As a female player I see zero issues. It’s way better than WoW where most gear makes me look like I’m in a bikini. So yeah Also if you look at history and the clothing style that this game is based on you don’t see “Witch” types of clothing. Just sounds like you have zero problems otherwise but you wanted to find something to complain about.


I’m sorry, but my pronouns are idiot/silly, not moron … how dare you identify me as a moron!



Now there’s your problem

With everything going on it,s so hard to care about this… also Life staff was fixed…

You can tell the character creation menu is underdeveloped and they will work on it, but with all the other issues, this should not be a priority.

what WoW were you playing? only 5 sets out of over 1900 armor sets have this? and they are all plate but one cloth set

I’m amazed he’s also not said there are no fat female characters in the game and that is also offending the female gaming population!


What do u mean they were for males? I have a character of both sexes and the gear looks good on them both :o


I think there is or was a mod here yesterday that removed quite a few topics that he or she personally didn’t like. Mine including with 100 likes asking people not to be rude and abusive towards developers. In addition to that not only did they remove it but also suspended my account for 5 days. Had to create this one just to find out that I was suspended as I never received any emails and AGS support couldn’t tell me why I couldn’t log in after me talking to them for straight TWO HOURS today.

It appears that they have picked up some new moderators.

I had a post removed that did not violate any tos/conduct that I can see where I simply mentioned the word ‘clickbait’ on a thread that was titled that the trade was being taken down for weeks/months. The title was stated as fact, not opinion and the OP went back and changed the title after trade came back up to state the opposite and then edited every single one of his trolling posts within it to say the opposite of what he was spewing before.

Clickbait is a legitimate term and was spot on for what the OP did with the title of the thread and yet, post was removed while others directly insulting and calling names remain.

Gotta love new moderators…

cant a company make their game the way they want it to be? seriously? do you act the same when iphone doesnt release a pink version of their new iphone? get a grip this aint your game you simply play it, if you want to ask for features, go ahead and put a request in for it, but dont act as if a company is sexist because of their costumes, ridiculous,

Ah here we go someone talking about sets vs a bunch of the gear has it. Give me a second let me login to WoW to get all the names of every single piece of gear that gives the bikini look.

Would you like for me to make every screenshot for you or you going to do your own search of the items that I list. Take your time I’ll wait for your reply.

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Oh you got them here! Its over now.

wrong reply ??

lmao yeah sorry still new to this forum

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Sorry Harra, but it was a genuine comment. Wifey wanted a fun halloween costume. We’re not talking paps out slut Korean game stuff. Just fun. But there was nothing and I’m not sure history had life staffs or an ice gauntlet either. Like you said, its a game.

Out of ALL the things going on with this game right now, you’re really going to bring gender politics into play and that the Store cosmetics are for Male avatars only?

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