Post-transfer Map Screen Bugs

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Character Name is Anjru Sha’ard
World is Zu-Vendis on EU Central

I just completed my world transfer and when I enter the map using the M key, or access the fast travel menu, the town icons are missing, and the left hand bar is glitched. I can’t check my influence in each area and can’t fast travel to a town or use recall to inn or house. I can fast travel to shrines. At the moment there is nothing I have done that clears the issue (First image)

Logging out and back in again cleared the issue with the bar on the left hand side, but the town icons are still missing, and now the filter options have got stuck behind the resource locations menu (second image)

An additional issue is when you click on a territory, the section that says ‘governed by’ and ‘controlled by’ says {name} before the faction/company name, and there is some overlapping text under ‘Territory Standing Bonuses’ (third image)

Thanks for the hard work, I love the game and have faith everything will be sorted!

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