Post what you like doing in NW!

Please, limit yourself to ONE thing, per post, that you like doing in New World. It can be anything at all, and as specific or general as you like, but just one thing at a time/post.
steam time

I’ll start off with this.

I’m a newcomer to MMO’s, with New World as my first and only one so far. I like to play with others some of the time, especially I like helping folks through the early game mechanics learning curve (and being no expert myself), and generally assisting others to learn the game and make progress steadily. I am strictly a PvE player, and enjoy leveling my character(s), and figuring out how to beat a tough boss or such, while playing Solo, so the victory, when/if it happens, is all the sweeter, and there is only so much content in the game, so I’m not in any hurry to ‘beat’ the game by Zerging my way through.

How do you all like to enjoy New world?

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