Post your Rafflebones sightings

Was killing around Starstone and he was on the stairs basically halfway up to the chest with the two spearmen ancients. Just stared at me while I killed him, poor fella resigned to his fate.

Yesterday my server came back online about 15 minutes prior to the slated end of downtime. I rushed down to the Shattered crack with hopes of jumping on a few orichalcum nodes before the masses arrived. I saw a strange mob and said to my guildmates in Discord it looks like they put suicide bombers in the crack. One hollered out… that’s probably rafflebones! With 2 tentacles and a fire ghost beating the hell out of me I managed to kill him and get the bag. Got some pretty crappy gear but the 500 shards were nice :slight_smile:

Rafflebones is really cool I just wish they didn’t put one in the crack. It’s already way to hard to get orichalcum and attracting 5000 more farmers to an area with 10 to 15 nodes is only going to make that situation worse :frowning:

Skysong Temple, at the first summoner (on PTR).

Really wish Rafflebones was a rare spawn triggered by killing mobs. Maybe then people would actually kill stuff on their stockpile runs instead of training all over the place, glitching mobs, etc. As it stands, it’s just gonna turn into another circuit run between spawn points.

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