Potential bug found with hp and armor numbers changing

ok so I’m playing a bruiser (good chunk of hp with some damage as well) and when I log in I’ll be at 10.5k hp just about and after a few hours of play I’ll be at like 9.5k for some reason (sorry I didn’t grab pictures, but this has been happening the last like 2 or 3 days of play since server merge and the last update)

also I’m gonna be adding pictures of my current armor and it’s values as when I checked as I logged in it said I was at like 7.x physical resist, and 2x.x (x’s are unknown as I’m writing it, pictures will clarify) and now after like an hour or 2 of playing I’m at -3.5k in each almost I haven’t seen damage values coming in changing however it just seems a little weird that this is happening

close to when I logged in
2021-12-23 23_37_23-New World

here’s my armor and the values on them
2021-12-23 23_37_39-New World
2021-12-23 23_37_51-New World
2021-12-23 23_38_03-New World
2021-12-23 23_38_21-New World
2021-12-23 23_38_28-New World

when I checked in again snagging the pictures
2021-12-23 23_38_52-New World

another one like an hour in
2021-12-24 00_32_54-New World

most recent one after like 2 hours
2021-12-24 01_25_59-New World

and for refrence I’ve been running around great cleave farming starmetal and supply crates looking for flux this entire time and have been using up rested xp if that may possibly been playing into it as idk what’s going on

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