Potential reset mechanic for resources/economy


I had an interesting idea (something we did a long time ago) about the resource system. Before i suggest this i want to suggest that you create a universal “event” currency. Any event that comes a long (like xmas, easter, etc) will utilize those event tokens (etc).

I wanted to suggest this so that you don’t have to wait entire years to utilize your work, and so that you can conserve for that one event you really are looking forward two.

Fixing the economy with little to no draw-back
The solution to this is simple. It is

  • Create npcs that have repeatable quests.
  • Each of these quests collect any type of xyz resource (any type of wood, ore, etc) in a “stack” or group of set number (for example 10, 20, 100, or what ever value).
  • The return for repeating this quest should be amazing.

You can use this to “reset” the economy and balance prices because of “soaking” up such resources.

For bonus effect turn off all resource collection for a weekend while it initially starts the event.

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