Potential solution to server cap and playing with friends

The biggest downside of this game for me is not being able to bring friends and family into a server where I have dedicate all of my time, and experience the game with them. A fairly simple solution would be to allow each member of a server one server invite. This way we aren’t boosting server cap without reason and you can still bring a friend in to play with.

You will have opportunity to transfer your character to less populated server.
Can not see any issue here, tbh…

But what if you have people you have made friends with in the existing server and simply just want to bring an IRL friend to it? Just seems a much easier solution then a full migration of your character.

It is unfortunate, but it is how it is… they should have been faster to join your server. You are not 1st nor last with this issue and therefore only correct solution is to take your friends with you to less populated server.

Oh you aren’t a employee. I’ll just hope they see this then. Because being faster to join a server is ridiculous. My Dad only got it to play with me and my brother and he can’t.

You clearly do not get the point. There will be no invitiation for friend or family to full server.

If there was a solution I’d implement, it’d be just to keep an average trend spanning 2 weeks or so.

If population falls under server max, unlock.

If population averages having a queue, lock.

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