Potential Solution: Tuning Orb Cost/Utilization

Seen alot of discussion over Tuning Orb costs and usage. I was involved in a discussion on another thread over its usage and what could be done since it seems gated and somewhat stale right now. The following isn’t that thread but another discussion post:

I believe what is said above applies quite well. A system where dungeons are open to be run over and over whenever someone wants to. However, if you want to up the risk/reward then you can use a tradeable and craftable Tuning Orb to change the dungeon.

The way to do this would be to incorporate the upcoming “mutation” system. Have the Tuning Orbs BE the way to mutate the dungeon. This would allow players to add dangerous mutators and increase the difficulty while at the same time increasing the potential reward.

Make the Tuning Orbs tradeable and now you have a mechanic that crafters can take advantage of and non crafters can avoid the gathering grind.

What do you think?

The current system is not bad as this makes the trade skills valuable and if you want to do keys for highend dungeons, you need to have stonecutting up.

This is what a company is for, you can share resources and keys internally which costs you close to nothing outside of the 5-15 min to organize everything.

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