Potentially more summoning/gauntlets

I was thinking, me as a summoner lover in all video games I have found that this game lacks summoning. I know it would be op with like living and walking creatures so I was thinking maybe more summoning like the ice gauntlet. Here’s a idea.

Lighting gauntlet- Summons a stationary Wizard tower that shoots lighting bolts that stuns after 6 lighting bolts hit and lasts for 1.5 seconds and can reduce the amount of hits it takes to stun by 1 or 2 and a upgrade that increases the stun by .5 seconds.
The second ability: Summons a lighting storm that functions like the Ice storm but can chain lighting to other enemies in the storm.
The third ability: Creates a pulse every 1.5 seconds that damages enemies around the player
The Ultimate: Makes it to were the Wizard tower chains lighting and has a pulse around it that damages enemies but the radius is small so you have to be basically next to it so it isn’t op.

There could be changes to that with more details but for now that’s what I have for you but more ideas from me soon like Ranged weapons, Close ranged weapons, and magic.

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