Potions and consumables are too slow

Not me… Just another random player expressing his frustration about how slow potions are:


That’s the game when you need to use a potion or consumable:

The use of potions and consumables MUST BE Lightning fast.

Also, using potions and/or consumables MUST NOT prevent your ability to dodge.

Please, make Potions and consumables fast & non-obstrusive, so we can be as happy as this guy:


They stealth nerfed potions a while back in preparation for those new auto self healing ones, but never put them in the game and left the changes or they are just “bugs” not getting fixed. Before brim you could dodge out of the animation and etc. now you’re completely locked into it. Health potions also now don’t heal you when you take any source of damage when drinking the health potion but you still get locked into the animation and the pot doesn’t go on cool down. And I mean any damage, not like a stagger or interrupt but a life staff basic attack. Extremely frustrating and happens on the regular.


They are fine. Now make healing harder so we can actualy play pvp with out healer a must have.

NO. They’re NOT.

They take ages to be used.
Their animations are obstrusive. Prevents you from doing other actions. That’s stupid.

These two things are an ABSOLUTE NO in an MMO.

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Yea. You know you have to think fast and plan agead instead of spamming buttons, crazy idea right?

youre almost on topic, congrats buddy!

I disagree. There’s a risk/reward involved with using a potion. That potions are on such a short cooldown is the real sin in this game. When you talk about things in this game that are broken related to healing potions and how fast they cooldown is the real silent problem. Moving more healing to individuals and devaluing the healing role isn’t the solution its the problem. The players should be relying on a healer to do their part while they do theirs. Not having a healer in a confrontation SHOULD be a significant obstacle. The people who think healers should be gone are the ones who need to be gone. This is an MMORPG with roles…and one of those roles is healing.

The other games I’ve played have 3-4 times the cooldown duration and heal for a fraction of the health pool we get compared to how healing works in New World.


I like how it is.

It adds a kill window if you pot at the wrong time.


I’m quoting to note or emphasize that I find his comment valuable and that he decided to use the words “Extremely frustrating” on it. Please, note it.

If something is “Extremely frustrating” in a MMO. It should be fix it ASAP.

Make potions lightning fast.
Stop preventing dodges while using a potion.
Let the potion and the dodge be used simultaneosly.
Please. And I really mean PLEASE. Make the game more dynamic. Less rigid / archaic.

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Noone is telling healers should be gone. But reworked for pvp.

I’m not talking about the cooldown.

I’m saying that it is so fucking slow to react. When you press the key to use the potion. It’s so slow. And the animations prevent’s you from dodging.

Potions must be MUCH, MUCH, MUCH faster that new world potions are. They’re ridiculously slow.

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That’s the problem. I think and act, and predict what’s going to happen much faster than the game allows me to do. And there are many situations that what you say doesn’t apply.

The game is so fucking slow activating the potions.

Potions takes ages to be used. Period.

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Play ESO - faster game. Easy.

Yeah in my opinion, the time it takes to drink them and not being able to cancel the animation is fine. It forces you to make better decisions on when you should attempt to heal yourself.

I have only two concerns about potions:

  • when you drink one from a crouching position, it takes like double the amount of time for some reason.

  • getting hit with light attacks prevents you from actually drinking a potion. Like nothing will happen.

There are plenty of examples where PVPers are asking for healers to be removed from PVP entirely. Case and point arenas. Those players come from a non MMORPG pvp background and don’t understand that 1v1 balance is non existent in a role based game. Different roles exist to do different things and pitted against one another different roles will dominate the other.

I noticed this the other day, I was accidentally crouched and fat fingered a health Potion and I was just stuck for ever. Like it took 5 years to drink the hp pot for some reason

And yeah any damage cancels the healing portion but you still do the entire animation. This needs to be fixed 4 months ago. Like fk sake that is a game breaking bug imo.


Also the dumb bug when your using a pot and it shows u using it and you get hit and cancels out the whole animation.

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Nope. This is wrong.
When you’re being hit by two players in PVP there’s no time for this stupidity of making “better decisions” kind of argument. Or potions are used lightning fast or you’re dead.

And sadly, this game is so fucking slow when you need to use potions or consumables. It has stupid animations that impedes you to dodge and so…

Skill issue

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I’ve seen this happen in videos and to other people, but I’ve never actually experienced this. What happens to me is I’ll be getting hit while spamming the potion key and nothing happens at all.