Power spikes, still a major issue

  • What is your character name in New World: Lanye West
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Eden, Nepenthe (any server)
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: Massive power spikes
  • Is this a bug or an exploit: Bug
  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay: Damaging my GPU
  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue: Yes, until my GPU fails.
  • (if a bug) Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced: See Attatchment
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: Play the game

During gameplay, while I have my GPU throttled to 80% power limit through MSI Afterburner, the power will spike to 120% percent of its TDP or higher. There are more frequent power spikes where it will hit the in the mid 90’s. The most common places I see these spikes are around the time of any loading screens, at the main menu, and around towns. Most people aren’t as cautious and constantly monitor their hardware, so this issue is damaging every player’s hardware, until it eventually fails. It has been reproduced on most GPU manufacturer’s cards, across multiple generations, while some are more prone to fail outright like the EVGA cards, other ones may take a while longer but will eventually be damaged to the point of failure. The only reason I still risk my hardware is to try to pinpoint the cause of this issue because AGS won’t do anything but deny the issue exists.

I’ve lost most faith in the developers at this point for letting this issue go on as long as it has, so at this point I’m trying to warn fellow players. Make sure you are lowering your power limit by 20-30% until we can figure out a fix. I do like this game, and the whole point of this post is to get the game to a point where it is not damaging hardware, I hope we can find a solution so we can prevent more player loss.

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Isn’t it kinda same for all demanding games?
I read that every time you launch any demanding game, power goes to Tops for a second or so, which doesn’t actually damage anything.

There is an initial power spike when starting most games, with it loading all of the assets, but rarely exceeds 100% TDP, minor fluctuations happen so you can occasionally see up to 102%.

The issue here is that its constantly going to 120% when the card is limited to 80%, which is significantly more that the GPU should be handling. There is headroom, and there is overcurrent protection, but they can only withstand so much.

I tried not having my limit lowered at all, and the game ran constantly between 110%-120%.

I was doing some adjustments last night and it seemed to be running a bit better but I still have yet to figure out what could be causing the issues exactly. Unless AGS has been doing incremental hotfixes to slowly resolve this issue, which I’m doubting at this point.

It’s your guys hardware, I know people that have bought the game have a sunk cost fallacy and need to defend it at all costs, but if you are going to play the game be smart about it and be cautious. GPU prices are continuing to rise sharply and will continue to do so over the holidays, now is not a good time for your GPU to fail.

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Can you share how to track this stuff you talking about and what you did to prevent it?
I see spikes in temperature and percentages of usage from time to time, so would like to secure myself too.
At launch I had insane temperatures and usage of cpu/gpu, after installed throttlestop and played around, I got all into normals. The program itself did something to my settings that when I reset everything back to normals numbers, the problem was gone lol.
But still I see occasional huge spikes and sudden drops.

I’ve been reading about this for a while and my first thought (and still hold true) has always been that this is NOT an Amazon problem.

They coded a game a fine that uses directx just like anyone else. If the cards are drawing more power than they are intended to, this is purely a hardware issue. Firmware on the GPU in particular.

The software that is running should not be a le to push the card harder than it is supposed to go.

With that said though, your 120% sounds reasonable to me depending on how it is measured. Every chip is a little different. The TDP estimates have always been off. TDP is almost always conservative as well. My Intel CPUs get a good cooler, and run at 200% TDP. Never had one die. If you own an “OC” model card, TDP will always look higher in the control panel.

TDP is not the thing you should be watching. It is temps. Power use doesn’t kill, temps do. Most likey the card manufacturer has modified the thermal heatsink design and tweaked the BIOS on the card to allow slightly higher power use to improve performance. Almost all cards offer slight performance gains over what is called the reference deaign- which is basic card and fans. These performance gains come with a higher TDP.

120% is very low and reasonable.

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Going to 120% is the normal behaviour of most Nvidia cards. All cards from Nvidia fo the past years come with auto Overclock. How high they go and for how long is determined by the manufacturer.

Setting the power limit to a given % and the card plainly ignoring it, is 100% an issue with the manufacturer of said card. I can imagine they using it for Benchmarking purposes, where the card goes always to the maximum allowed TDP to show higher performance.

Im running the game on a Aorus Master 3080, and that card is 100% respecting the TDP I set it to. I run it always at the maxed 120% (Cant remember if it was 122% or 127%) but have tested it at 50, 60, 75 to see if it respects the limit, and it does.

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The fact that it only seems to happen in New World is suspicious. But it doesn’t matter who is to blame, the fact is the bug is still there and it’s hurting the reputation of Amazon, Nvidia and the card manufacturers. It will be in their best interests to work together to solve it.

Contrary to what other people here say temperature does not seem to be the problem. My Evga 3090 was running the game fine the first couple weeks, then I started noticing the fans ramping way up for a second at random times. Then eventually I had some events where the screen would go black and the GPU fan would be stuck at 100% until I reset the PC. Temperatures would be perfectly fine… Now I play with a power limit around 65% so the spikes in power only go barely over 100%.

Bottom line is that of it is not overheating, it is not damaging the card. Without exception, higher TDP (more current draw) makes more heat. Full stop. If your temps are fine, your card is fine.

The spikes you are seeing sound like a driver
or hardware crash to me. Possibly bad memory on the GPU or bad RAM on the PC itself.

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