Powerful Gemstone Dust and Mutator Orbs

How is it still 10 of these to craft a mutator orb on live?
PTR patch notes say that the amount was reduced from 10 to 5 but it still remains at 10 a week later.
Is this going to be fixed or can we expect mutators to stay at the same cost for a while? If it’s going to stay at 10 maybe the words should be removed from patch notes.

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Just checked, chisels were reduced to 1, but it gemstone dust still 10.


Because this is New World.

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I have no words to describe how badly the AGS team is doing… I guess I could use steam charts, a picture is worth a thousand words. Kills me how quickly they destroyed the game with broken patches, bugs, bots and ignoring the community.

its hilarious that this is still 10 dust 2 weeks in. Its only an extra 2000 GOLD to craft…jfc…

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